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Before we get to the stress of MedSchool..

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Frosh Again

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I have great friends

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Will cook

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It’s The Sign

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First off, I made this image 🙂 I don’t want you guys thinking someone made a sweet card for me..LOL this is just my way of illustrating how I wish that when I see Mr. Man, that the sign would be THIS much clear for me to know he’s the right one to fall for..hehe!


I was inspired to make this cause a friend just asked me tonight “Why do I have to experience this [breakup] again ? What’s wrong with me?” and I start thinking “there’s nothing wrong with’s just that you’ve been falling for the wrong ones. The ones who want things in life that are different from the ones we want. Or that the things we want now, they don’t want yet”

I dunno about you but, I could totes relate to her. I’m still hoping Mr. Man shows up and it’s just as clear as this so us girls won’t keep getting hurt with the ones not for us 🙂 also for guys who have gotten hurt 😉 cause we tend to see signs like “she’s the one” but she wasn’t 🙂

Don’t you wish that the sign was this much clear as in you could ask the one beside you to confirm the sign so you surely won’t get a broken heart? Lol

And darn do I wish I could follow the advices I give to my

I hope you won’t judge me for’s just a funny thought I had to keep myself cheery from all the broken hearts 😉

❤ Jessica

Thank God

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Thank God were all very blessed with gifts, trials, lessons and more gifts 🙂

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