So this is 2013

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I think this blog deserves a little by of drama to start the year, don’t you? 😉

#RealityCheck I’m currently hunched up on my bed over my phone with the credits of Prom rolling on Star movies. Mio’s soundly asleep and I’m all caffeined up to “reflect” haha!

I know I could type this on the iPad like usual but the phones got more personality and I’d like to be blogging like I’m just talking to a friend. Ergo, brace yourselves beauty loving people because this is NOT a review 😉

The pre holiday classes were crazy. Exams thrown here and there..people going from busy to yolo to chillin. As for me, it’s got me looking forward for everything to pause and let me breathe. Overwhelmed is an understatement indeed. It was so stressful I didn’t even celebrate my birthday..big deal for me, I love birthdays.

The holidays started out if recuperating from a dreadful virus was how I felt. I seriously was so slow mo I did not even comb my hair for 3 days. After a shower, I’d just tie it up on a bun and watch tv. After those three days I tried to see the people I’ve been missing when I had school. Some people were awesome some ruined some for me but no regrets, I have amazing friends.

Cut short from te New Year’s my classes started early and it was again a matter of living one day at a time. Which helps sometimes when I shouldn’t be distracted by other circumstances but a little bland because I can’t even reach the point of motivation..or even inspiration.

Is it just me? Or have you ever had that feeling when you know that this is what you’ve always wanted and this is going so beautifully but you still find yourself detached..although grateful; still detached from the better things you know you should be glad of. I wonder sometimes if I am only insensitive or selfish. But sometimes I feel like I feel too much that I shouldn’t be so affected anymore.. That I need to distance myself from how I feel.

And so maybe that’s why I give so much attention to how I look. To shopping. And everything else that’s shallow which comes between them. As if willing myself to invest (can’t think of a better term but its kind of like investing my time money and attention) on physical and superficial things to avoid having to work on emotions and relationships. (I’m just typing out my thoughts, no edits, no pre thinking..typing as I’m thinking helps me think better)

Have I been too scared to get hurt once more? No I’m never scared to get hurt..I know very well how I should place myself. Maybe I’m just scared that when I get hurt again, and even if I know I’ll be fine, the other people who care about me wouldn’t be. Just like how everyone else got hurt for me during the last time I was hurt. They still are. I can see it in their eyes when they ask me about my life, feelings, relationships and moving forward. They feel sad for me. I feel sad for myself. But I really appreciate how they make the effort to show concern even if I can see it in their eyes that they’re afraid to say something over the line.

Does this mean I haven’t moved on? That I’m still too attached? I think not. I’ve left my past behind. Learned very well. But I’ve gotten so scared of my past that its so difficult to face what the mystery of the future has for me. Well I feel I’m very selective of how my future will be..selective of my present. Cause I’m avoiding every ounce of pain I’m bound to get through to be the hard and perfectly cut diamond that I want to be.

And that’s not how the world works. I can’t live my present avoiding friendships; and then giving my heart fully to superficial things. I should learn to commit my life to the tests and hardships I’d have to go through to get to the future that I want for me and my career, self and relationships.

I should know where to stand and not to bite off any more than I can chew. Life is simple for those who has loved it simple. I chose a complicated I’ve thought of as exciting and one that makes me feel. That is how I know how to live life and that is what I’ve been avoiding. I may not be longing for the past because I know ie left that far behind but it seems like I haven’t accepted my present.

Growing up makes the present much more complicated than playgrounds and homeworks. And I wish I were ready to accept all there is to today..sadly I’m not. Maybe that’s the first step. To accept that I’m not most capable. That I can’t fix everything. And that I should work on only the important ones I can deal with..not the important ones I can’t do anything about.

This may make my life sound as if there are too many problems but sometimes I wonder how its like I’d I had a different set of problems. Like what if my problem was how to get myself thru my basic needs. Would life be simpler? Easier? Having more than your basic needs mean that you’d have to give more of yourself. And I used to believe that that would make life worth living, giving everything. Used to I’m quite confused. I guess that’s the problem, how we wonder if the thee side of the fence is greener. And somehow that takes us away from our present.

Ima leave this hanging but I kinda have my resolutions now..finally 🙂 cause I felt so very uninspired to do anything good for my life after NewYears 🙂

❤ Jessica


Clone Stamp 2013 Planner

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Review: Clone Stamp 2013 Planner


Bought this through my classmate and it was so hassle free! 😉 I even got the discount for the first 50 buyers so I paid only 350php instead of 410php..yay discounts! 😉 I love the cover and figured it’s gonna motivate me to make better plans..haha! The past months breezed by through exams and I’ve totally lost my old self with it. My old self takes down notes of happy things to remind me why I should be thankful for today. Old self would also note days shopping and going out with friends so I keep track of expenses and nights out! 😉 that way I get a better look at my month and look forward to the next..I know it’s all mind set and quite shallow on how much I depend on my planner but frankly, that’s how I function 🙂

Let’s get to the pretty bit huh? 😉

This baby is quite functional. I’ve settled not to buy my annual Papemelrotti monthly planner for this one cause it has so much formats that will be effective for every one 😉

Opens up into an awesome title page and free feather bookmark! 😉 it’s really pretty hut for me and my bag, the feather doesn’t hold up so well so I’ll use my preferred magnetic bookmark on this..the design would go so well with my Hoops and Yoyo bookmarks 😉


Here’s a monthly Thing; great to take notes of birthdays in my opinion 🙂


There’s a pretty animal inspired monthly cover and a month calendar (same format as my Papemelrotti) so that’s quite useful huh? Taking notes of deadlines 😉


Then there’s the monthly note thing, I like this bit, very OC 😉


This is how the actual daily planner looks like. Very effective for precise scheduling don’t you think? 😉


After very month, there’s a Notes page 😉 prolly a good space to doodle..hihi! 🙂


Then a contacts thing 🙂 I never use my contacts thing for actual stuff..I like letting people who were remarkable to my year sign here like an autograph thing 😉


It closes to a sweet note from the founders of Clone Stamp 😉


Seriously mega happy with this baby 🙂 so I’m not gonna let Dec. 21 ruin my plans for next year!! :)) here’s a photo I took for Clone Stamp on the day I received this thru the sweet Viera Carpio 🙂


Click here to visit Clone Stamp and get your own 2013 Planner 🙂

Gotta love Clone Stamp for this 🙂

❤ Jessica

Starbucks 2013 Planner

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Do not buy coffee only to get a planner. Get a planner as reward if you actually buy so much coffee from Starbucks.

I hate how people judge how much a Starbucks planner is worth if you count how much each cup of coffee is when in reality it’s just free. And no I did not buy those cups only to get a planner. I happen to get a FREE planner as a gift from Starbucks for buying so much coffee during the season. Okay, bad vibes be gone! 😉

I love stationery since forever 🙂 notebooks, pads, pens etc! 🙂 so it wont come out as a shock if I collect planners..I’ve been loving them since college and I only use them for half a year. The rest of the year flies too fast sometimes for me to write where I’ve been and stuff. My plans and scheds are usually photos or word documents then I just write in my planner what I asexually did for that day so I have something to look back 😉 more like a journal to me 🙂 anywho, since I’m getting really sleepy now, here’s what I found in mine! 😉


Available in black, green and white. The leather like hard cover, closed by magnets, is attached to the actual notebook via garters. Although I hate how it doesn’t seem very secure, I’m glad I can use this as book cover for when I read books out..I don’t like people to see the titles of the books I read..haha! Check out the cool magnetic bookmark shaped like a cup 😉


Promo cards and this year they added random cute things on months like sweet post it’s, photo frame and post card 😉

I like this..hoping to get another one for a friend 🙂 please you guys, enjoy the coffee and then the free gift don’t have to buy this from ur friends or just doesn’t make sense that way 🙂

❤ Jessica

Not Friday

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So..whirlwind of a week ends with a ManicFriday 🙂


Three little things that perked up my Friday full of worries for next weeks exams..hell week is back baby and then it’s Christmas vacation for me! 🙂

1) My first Tony Moly experience where I got myself their best selling BB cream and a cream blush that took my breath away 😉

2) Got my Starbucks 2013 Planner today and another planner to arrive this week!

3) My best Beabi find 😉

Posts on these coming your way..

About the did not feel like a Friday at all but still mega thank God cause I’m sleeping with Baby Mio tonight 😉

❤ Jessica

Ps. Has anyone prepared for the end of the world 2 weeks from now?

Stuff Ive Been Loving

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Totes cannot blog yet so ill photobomb my recent fave finds 😉









Two if these are obviously baby Mio’s 🙂

Feel free to ask if youre interested with some stuff 😉

Will blog again soon! 😉

❤ Jessica

Ps. Blogging from Moms iphone cause my ipads dysfunctional..haha!

Dainty Pink Face

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Braved BioChemDay with baby pink and shimmers! 🙂

Nanay gifted me with a Dear My Blooming Lips Talk from Etude House in PK04 I think. It’s the lightest of the pinks and I was too excited to wear it so this was taken from the night I got it..


I’m in love with the heart detail!!

And this was taken the morning after..


My excitement got me in the mood to do an almost all Etude face. Anywhoo, the photos aren’t best quality but in person, I was so mega shimmery!! 🙂 The only down side on the shimmery face is how it doesn’t hide imperfections and oilies.

First Impression

I chose this color on a whim and it’s only because I wanted a pale pinky lipstick (ughgain??! Yes again..) and I totes love the baby pinkness of it..haha! 🙂 on my bare lips, this looks more pink than when I used it over some layers of lip balms (Hawaiian Tropics and Apricot stick.. not in photo). I love the sweet scent almost the same scent with the BB Creams..i dunno, i like it. Also, not too much retouch needed except after eating. The only downside which I also experienced with my previous lipstick from EH is how it settles into lip lines although not drying up your lips. I fix it by dabbing on my lips with a clean ring finger after application to like melt it evenly on my lips.

Have you tried this uberly long named lippie from Etude? 🙂

❤ Jessica

Ps. Currently CANNOT FOCUS because Etude House in Festival mall is currently on a major sale and I am here in the library struggling with anatomy! Oh well..CONTROL.

The Pink Project

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A benefit dinner


Proceeds from this event will be donated to Ms. Wek Cidro and her family.

Miss Wek was our Chemistry teacher and adviser in high school, more like my third mom along with all our supportive teachers who did not only make an impact with improving our knowledge with books but also lessons to live by and share to our children. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been on various treatments for years now. As she made a beautiful mark on our lives, we only want her to be able to live her young beautiful life to the fullest!

We love you Ms. Wek, well see you soon..and we’ll party! 😉

❤ Jessica

Ps. Please share, and if you're in the area, drop by 🙂

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