Fresh Cherry Tint

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Review: Fresh Cherry Tint in PK 002 Cherry Hot Pink from Etude House


My newest find and the last of the pink addiction 🙂 I’ve been eyeing this compared to the Neon Dear Darling Tint and to relieve stress over a bad threading session, I got myself this baby 🙂 Theres two pink shades in this line and I got the deeper pink. The pale one may not show up on me as good as this color. I’m still battling if this is as good as the liquid lipstick I love but I’m really happy with this already 🙂


This pretty milk tint is intended for the lips but I know some use this on the cheeks..which I’ve tried haha! 🙂 it looks pretty but it’s so creamy that it can’t stand my oilies. where as for my lips, I do love it so much that I’ve been using it everyday..teehee 🙂 this kind of tint is much better than the gel one because this is really moisturizing so I don’t get cracked lips without needing some lip balm. I love how well this lasts so there’s no need for retouching in school 🙂


look at me being vain in the library 😉 loving the tint on my lips for school 🙂

From the bottle, its a milky light pink cream that turns into a deeper pink when blended. It feels light and moisturizing like using a liquid lip gloss 🙂 (Is there a solid lip gloss? Haha!) I dot the applicator along my lips then blend with a clean finger. I do use a thick layer cause I love the moisturizing feel and it goes away after a little while. Sometimes It even looks like my natural lip color cause the tint sinks in so well. After two meals and maybe around 6 hours, the pink tint is still on my lips however it shows signs of wear already. Still, good enough for two meals right?? 😀 best part is how it doesn’t make my lips dry at all. Been using this for a few days now and I haven’t retouched on the balm the entire time 😉


  • long lasting
  • looks natural
  • sweet cherry scent that’s candy like
  • moisturizing
  • affordable
  • available in red, peach and baby pink
  • Dislikes

  • it turns into a really red pink after long hours so I’d have to use a pale lippie to soften the color
  • It’s my staple lip color for school 🙂 I wanna try the light pink one though 😉 haha!

    ❤ Jessica

    Ps. I dont have much to say cause I'm so sleepy..haha! But I do love this baby it's an ideal lip tint cause it's moisturizing, affordable and long lasting 😉


    All-In-One Blusher

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    Review: All in One Blusher in 04 Marshmallow by The Body Shop


    On to the last product in my Three Pinks blusher spree, this is the one with a special place in my heart. Lol. The last kne I bought that made me stop all the buying..I like it so much I’m torn between hoarding or buying the other colors 😉 You know The Body Shop, they make you fall in love with a color then stop producing the line..haha! Theyve done that twice to me already, I hope no threepeats for my latest love! 🙂

    I intended to try the Lily Cole blush but the SA suggested this line to be more suitable for my skin type which is oily and the shade was recommended to me by the artist. They initially gave me a cool toned plum pink but is aid I’ve just purchased a blush of the same color and this was their next suggestion, just a little bit more rosy and less cool pink tone. If there was one beauty shop I’d have to live with, it would be body shop for all the skin care, toiletries, make up and scents that are fool proof and nature friendly 🙂 When I first loved make up, I was a The Body Shop only kind of girl. Then an itch for addiction has come over me until I discovered more brands which are great for my skin. However, first and forever, my heart is yours, The Body Shop..hihi!


    On pan it looks like any average blush. Clear packaging to see the color easily and easy to bring anywhere. When swatched, the pan feels very solid and as if super packed with the finely milled powder. Not much fall outs when using this with my EH oblique blush brush. No unnecessary scents and the powder feels so light and natural. I love how the color blends so wellon my skin and makes it look so smooth. Even if I use this over a shimmer face powder or a very thick powdery face, the blush looks so well blended into my skin. I’m also not afraid to use this on my skin sans primer because The Body Shop products never gave me unwanted skin reactions.


    excuse the weird face but can you see how natural this looks on light make up? I’ll update on how this looks for an evening thing 😉

    The color on pan is really close to the color on skin, only it’s transparent enough for your skin to breathe and look really WELL BLENDED. No powdery/ashy faces here. This is a very rosy shade that looks matte on pan but kind of glowing or dewy on the face. It also doesn’t look flat, when darker towards the temples, it gives a great contour effect 🙂 The SA told be that this is a great blush cause I would only need a little for the pigment to show and even if the color I got is light pink, the pigment does show very well. She also said that this is a long lasting color but considering my oily skin, its rather average on me. Lasts better than the others but considering the price, I’m expecting it to 🙂 make this blush last longer and I shall hoard and never again look for another..haha! 😉


  • easily available here
  • easy to apply and blend
  • less fall outs
  • does not break me out
  • feels and looks light and smooth
  • packaging is fool proof and convenient to bring anywhere
  • looks natural because of how it melts into the skin
  • Dislikes

  • I feel like it contains so little of an amount..or maybe I’m just scared of running out of it..haha!
  • does not last me “Long” as it claims
  • a lot of pretty colors (and matchy stuff like powder and BB cream) which are so tempting I wanna collect!
  • This is one of my current favorite and my choice for a fresh pink blush especially on days I need an instant dash of pretty! 🙂 at night I use this with a contour and highlight powder to add an oomph! but I wear this alone or over cheek tint during the day 😉

    ❤ Jessica

    Ps I'm so done with the baby pink search, I'm now looking into long last products. I'm eyeing Tarte blush, OCC lip colors and Maybelline color tattoo 😉

    Shine Blossom Rose Blush

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    Review: Shine Blossom Rose Blush in 04 Lovely Rose by Nature Republic


    The very first time I fell in love with a rose make up product was when The Body Shop came up with the Rose Flower Blush which was ages ago and when I’ve hit the any lovely HG blush, it went off the shelves, here’s the blush just cause it deserves so much love 🙂


    Its a nice baby pink color with the slightest of glimmer and smells like roses..ahh 🙂

    The next time was a Rose blush from CG, Rose lip balm from Nivea, Rose Lipstick from Lancome and now, a rose blush from Nature Republic. To be honest, not as close as the perfection of the pinkness, glimmer and lasting power of the one from Body Shop but this is a total winner in a whole other level.


    Cased in a dainty tin with a lovely print design I was immediately sold to, it includes a cutie little puff that’s surprisingly awesome for application. Even before swatching, I was pretty sure I wanted this in my day time make up kit. Upon trying this on the back of my hand, the rose scent was so lovely it made me so much eager to take them home..I was really torn between shades 03 and 04. 03 was a more pink shade while the one I got is baby pink, since I was on a search for a dainty pink blush remember? :))


    I love how I could use this on it’s own unlike the other one I need a cream blush first to make the pigment really show. The finish is really quite natural. No unnecessary shimmer, no nonsense sheen. Just a natural pink blush (most natural when applied with the included puff applicator) That lasts averagely around 4 hours on a sweaty day. I don’t mind retouching though cause it’s pretty, it’s small and portable and I’ve totally fallen for the rose scent. I love how the powder feels so light and soft and lovely like baby powder on my face. This is really great for retouch because there’s no need for a brush or much blending.

    Speaking of retouching, I bought this with my HG Retouching Pact and look at the goodies I got with them 🙂



  • natural pink finish without a need to blend
  • easy to bring everywhere with an included puff
  • lovely rose scent and pretty packaging
  • feels nice on the skin
  • doesn’t break me out
  • lasts pretty good considering the heat recently
  • all natural and environment loving
  • looks like this is gonna last me a long time
  • Dislikes

  • available in 4 pretty colors and I wanna buy them all!! :))
  • I bring this everyday with me for a natural blush when I’m looking quite washed out from school. I love that It’s so pretty to have in my bag 🙂 And yes I wanna purchase the other shades 😉

    ❤ Jessica

    Lip Smackers Coca Cola

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    Review: Lip Smackers in Coca Cola


    So I saw this in Watsons while I was in search of an alcohol spray and it was love at first sight. Impulsive buying is not a very good thing to do. Of course I was torn between vanilla but the classics came first right? Then I’m really wishing the cherry ones be available soon..and M&M’s ones!! 🙂 I know Robinsons sell Lip Smackers but not the cola ones so yayy for Watsons! 😉

    Anywhoo of course this wasn’t at par with my ideal lip balms cause moisture and no gloss are my key points. This one looks glossy with a faint tint of brown that makes my lips look alive and the moisture factor seems to last only while it’s on considering I would’ve eaten it up in a couple of hours. I do love the scent so I shall not crave for Coke and I love the packaging 🙂 I’m still torn if I’ll be giving this away or if I shoud try out the others (I do love the packaging) even if I know they don’t do much with the moisture and they are quite too glossy for me.



  • packaging
  • scent
  • doesn’t really dry out my lips
  • Dislikes

  • moisture does not last
  • glossy (very subjective)
  • doesn’t last long (or maybe I shouldn’t wanna lick it off so early cause of it’s sweet taste and coca cola scent..haha)
  • Eitherway, don’t these babies make us wanna collect them all cause they make us feel so connected with out sweet tooth of a child’s past now that were supposed to stay away from sweets??! 🙂 #ElderlyProblems hahaha!

    ❤ Jessica

    Just Sharin

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    Just wanna share with you the haul I got from my friend Kat Ciolo (feel free to search her account on Facebook) who sells make up, fashion and beauty things 🙂 and she’s a dear friend so it’s mega easy to get in touch with her 😉


  • Beauty UK Amazon eyeshadow/eyeliner palette
  • First Impression: my first time with gel liner and was so mucho easy!! 😉 and the colors can go subtle nude to smoky nude with no professional skills needed! 😉

  • Miners Moisture Effect Lipstick in English Rose
  • First Impression: could be dabbed for the most natural pinky pout and slathered for the classic pink..very much a safe everyday color 🙂

  • Benefit Box o Powder in Dandelion
  • First Impression: awesome shimmer baby pink great to layer over my cream blush for a subtle everyday blush that glows and lasts 😉

    Mega happy with these! Planning to get the Disco palette which is the same kind only in pretty pastel colors great for my litol sisterette 🙂 I’m waiting for my other friends to order so well meet up for bulk transactions..megzited!! 😉

    ❤ Jessica

    Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow

    08/07/2012 § 4 Comments

    Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in Pink Blast


    As some of you guys may have read (in a bunch of posts I’ve written during the start of the year), I went thru a lip balm addiction stage in a desperate attempt to save my lips from drying and pigmentation after the holidays of last year. I’ve tested out a few of drugstore lip balms but only kept a few. Among them was Maybelline Baby Lips and I was really disappointed in it. It was ok but I had in my stash some much better sticks so I gave them away to my sis and friends. HOWEVER I saw the new Baby Lips Pink Glow recently and the pretty packaging made me buy it 😉

    This little baby is somewhat a cross between two Maybelline lip balms: Baby Lips and Lip Bloom. I wasn’t able to make an actual review post on blooming lips as it was just as good as a color adjusting tint that did not last. The moisture factor was also disappointing like with Baby Lips. Both scents/flavors also were not pleasing. I like scented and flavored lip cares and so it was a huge factor to me. ANYHOO..Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow was pleasantly surprising 🙂


    The left image is Baby Pink and the right one is Pink Blast. I got pink blast because I wanted a much better pigmented stick. Being this a pH based tint, and my lips slightly pigmented deep pink, the lighter one might not show any visible effect that I want to see. This upon application has a mild berry scent close to my Born Lippy more obviously artificial/medicine like scent compared to the Baby Lips variants. The pink is also much deeper and a tint stayed after a few hours..much better than the Lip Bloom variant which showed little pigmentation, no moisture and no staying power 🙂


  • Moisturizing
  • Great berry scent
  • Deep healthy looking pink tint
  • Moisture and tint that lasts about 4 hours
  • slightly glossy finish but nothing greasy looking
  • Feels light on the lips
  • very affordable and easily accessible drug store brand
  • No dislikes (cause it’s cheap and it works!)

    Kudos to Maybelline for a much better lip care product..really at par (and even better cause of the tint) with the fool proof Nivea ones ;)Great for no make up looks cause it’s affordable, two in one (moisture and tint) and it works and lasts 🙂

    I love this 😉

    ❤ Jessica

    Pantene Pro V Leave on Treatments

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    Review: Pantene Pro V Night Miracle Essence, All Day Hair Fall Protect Essence and Natural Shine Booster Essence


    Since school started, I’ve been extra conscious with my hair cause my hair fall has been terrible maybe due to the stress and pony tailing. I swear, if I could live with one hair style like if I were a Sim, I’d do the ponytail..haha! 🙂 Anywho, I don’t want my hair to get any worse so I asked my Tita Nanay how she dealt with hair fall (she experienced a real bad case due to having too much hair color and treatment stuff) and she said only. Pantene worked, out of all the stuff she’s tried so yeah I’ve slightly converted to Pantene however on weekends I use some anti dandruff stuff.

    AnyAnywho, she told me that the leave ons were also quite awesome so of course who wouldn’t wanna try? 🙂 I always wanted to use leave ons for my frizzy hair during the Pre-Hair Rebonding generation..aka before high school :)) even before puberty, I like doing stuff with my hair only I’ve been blessed with thick black oily hair which means leave ons are a No No, while anti dandruff ones were my staple. Amidst the hesitations due to that history, I actually came to love these three bottles 😉

    Total Damage Care Night Miracle Essence

    I first got to try this one cause I’ve been washing my hair twice everyday..with conditioners in the AM and Shampoo at night. That means I have tangled up hair in the evenings but it’s ok cause I just stay indoors anyway. However, tangled hair means more hair fall because they’re all pulled in random directions. Please don’t get angry that I wash my hair so much and then complain of hair fall..hehe! I cannot not wash at night, my hair feels dirty and in the morning I feel like I’m not awake without washing my That’s why I slathered on two pumps of this baby on my uncombed towel dried hair with my hands. Imagine my surprise when I combed my hair tame with my hands and the help of this product. I tell you, AWESOME DETANGLER! I however cannot say anything about the repair part cause I don’t think my hair was damaged to show some results.

    Hair Fall Control All Day Hair Fall Protect Essence


    Because of how much I loved the night treatment I got (my mom to) buy myself this bottle for daytime protection because lunch time in school means a long sunny walk to the “better” 🙂 This did not disappoint as well. Aside from the absence of greasiness and weighing down which I’ve experienced in my younger stubborn days of still using some leave ons; people really started to notice a change with my hair during the first week I used this every morning.

    The fact is that three weeks ago, about the time I started to use the night essence, I dyed my hair chocolate brown or in Etude House language, Mocha Pink. The result was noticeable to me and the ones here at home but not to the ones I see only on weekends However, as more days passed, the color seems to lighten a bit more making my hair stand out little by little and I’m not sure if it was because that’s how Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring works OR if the daytime protection essence from Pantene has been doing the wonders. I feel it’s a little of both. I also did not put my hair up on a pony after lunch during the weeks I’ve been using this so, yes “No more tali time” :))

    Nature Care Fullness & Life Natural Shine Booster Essence


    This is the latest I’ve been using, left the hair fall essence bottle with my mom to try this one 🙂 Just cause Tita Nanay bought it and I can’t say no to! I liked this cause I felt it gives better control on my hair so it looks more straight. I’m not sure however if this is supposed to protect my hair from hair fall like the other one. Any who, I still love this and got compliments from the girlashes in school so I’m sticking with this one for now. I do love how it doesn’t weigh my hair down or feel greasy even with the sun and stress and how much I touch my hair. I’m sorry I know it’s such a lousy habit I do and it’s bad for my hair line BUT 🙂

    All three are awesome so if you’re looking for some versatile leave on that works, you better get these bottles 🙂


  • that it doesn’t weigh my thick hair down
  • that it doesnt feel greasy
  • that my forehead skin and cheeks did not break out which usually happens when I try new hair products
  • that it detangles so well and keeps my hair very tame
  • that it’s not making my hair color look bad and in fact its making my hair notably look better
  • HATES:

  • that it’s a little pricey for a student like me. And a bottle would prolly last only a month with two pumps everyday
  • Overall, I’m so keeping this in my everyday and night routine 😉

    Ps. Photos are from 😉

    ❤ Jessica

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