Bubble Hair color in Mocha Pink

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Review: Bubble Hair coloring in 07 Mocha Pink by Etude House

ImageA year wiser, a shade lighter :)) Ive always wanted a light brown ashy kind of hair but im always too scared or busy or broke..haha! So I’ve been loving Bubble Hair color from EH..its so affordable and fool proof 🙂 This is my second time to use this..the first was around 4 months ago 🙂

Since Im still so disoriented to blog, Ill just photobomb you :))

The box contains the Fluid #2 in a pump bottle, fluid#1 in a plastic sachet, hair conditioner in the purple sachet and some protective plastic to avoid stains.

The only English insructions. the additional info packet inside does not have any english details.

my hair before the treatment, straight from the bun :))


I cant remember if the first one i used was amber yellow like this or a bit more purple..I had to recheck my box to make sure I got the right shade.

The plastic things came with the pack and I love how it helped with avoiding stains everywhere. I later on wrapped my bubbled hair with the cape thing. Of course, after a few minutes, the color dripped to my shirt. I dont know why i forgot to take my shirt off or wear a darker one..however, no stains were left on my shirt after laundry..ahmazin!


Got a few red marks from the dye that touched my skin. It was a teeny bit itchy but the redness and itching was gone as soon as my hair was dry 🙂


My hair when dry. I feel like during the following days, my hair color got even lighter and I really like it 🙂


  • Super easy to use
  • affordable and easily available
  • no dandruff and uncomfortable itching
  • no stains on my forehead, ears, nape and shirt
  • pretty color that doesnt look so fake
  • the treatment conditioner that comes with, works like magic!


  • Hoping theyd come up with more colors however, comparing my hair to friend who used mocha pink, her color looks much lighter than mine. and with my other friends who used Wine red, one got black with red highlights during sunlight and the other got a really nice chestnut color..odd so dont expect your hair to turn out exactly how the color on the box looks :)) Anywho, every one looks pretty and no hair damage from using this baby 🙂

❤ Jessica

PS. Finally had time to blog 🙂



Soon ;)

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Not saying bye to blogging!

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Been a lovely year! 😉


❤ Jessica

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