Nature Republic Petite Pact

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Review Nature Republic Petit Pact in #23 Beige


I’ve first came across Nature Republic about a year ago on their Festival Mall branch. From then, I can remember one of my purchases which was the Petit Cherry Rouge. Just cause it was so tiny and cute like a little girls toy lipstick. And the word cherry was inviting and it was quite affordable..however it’s really small so not very “economic” anywho, I loved how pretty the color was, and how easy it it to apply and it’s wear time. The only down side was how easily it melted. Can you imagine how small it is and I didn’t even get to finish it cause I hate melted lip sticks..too messy for my taste.

Recently, I went back and fell in love with one of the blushers that I shall review next time. I told myself I don’t need a new powder pact because my staple one still works so well (plus the fact that I still have one too many at home just sulking in loneliness.) HOWEVER the cuteness of it being so small and an image of how convenient this is to bring because I’ve been carrying very small bags when I’m out with Mio cannot leave me in peace so I just bought it too.


It’s a little expensive for it’s size but the packaging is why I wanted it so bad. It’s so small and easy to slip into any little purse; even those tiny zip up pouches we never leave home without..I know all you OC girls have this in your bags!! 🙂 Also what sold me was that when you open it, there’s a separate space for the sponge (off from the powder) which makes it so sanitary don’t you think?

I use this only for retouching my oily face. It’s a sheer slightly matte, slightly sheen finish in it’s really matte but on a very subtle tone highlights the face when the lighting cooperates 😉 it’s great cause it doesn’t leave a white thing I avoid when picking my retouching products because can you imagine spending hours with people, retouch, then come back for them to see you so very matte and white when they’ve seen you just a few minutes ago. I’m such a bad narrator but can you just imagine my point? One minute you’re oily, next you’re ultimately fair and matte? :)) I’m just glad this baby gives a pretty sheen 🙂 Or SILKY yep. That’s the word for it. I just spent a whole paragraph that only means silky..hahaha!

Separate space for sponge
Pretty “silky” finish
Doesn’t break me out
Takes care of shine
Doesn’t interfere with cheek color (retouch key!)

The mirror is too small for me to view my whole face..or is it just me? But it’s good enough to check my teeth, then lipstick, then nose, then eyes..haha! It’s a retouch powder after all!! 😉

When I saw this I immediately thought “I’ve found my ultimate retouching powder!” And it really is for me 😉

❤ Jessica


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