Lovely Cookie Blusher

09/25/2012 § 2 Comments

Review Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in #2 Strawberry


I’ve been on a mega search for a dainty pink cheek color that’s gonna be my staple for school. Ive been hating the energy I waste trying to select from so much color recently cause I’ve been so busy and stressed out with school..this search has brought me to even more makeup purchases..what’s wrong with me? Lol! Any who. I’ve been switching it up among three items but this has been my safe bet for daytime even when I’m out with.


I got this last (among all the dainty pinks I’ve tried out) because it’s been out of stock and although I wanna collect all the pretty colors from EH Lovely Cookie Blusher line, I’ve been sticking to trying to make it subtle and matte. So for now, I’m reallyhappy with this one (although I’ve my eyes on a bright pink and a rose with golden specks.) Also, among all my blushers, this is the only one that goes so well over my Bloom Sheer Colour Cream. I like my bloom blush cause the formula works so well on my skin and it adds the glow I wish I had everyday but considering Biochem and Anatomy..the glow will have to be faked! 😉


the one diagonally this way \ is Bloom Sheer Colour Creme. This way / is the Lovely Cookie Blusher

Lovely Cookie Blushers come in a fool proof plastic thats easy to keep away from stain and in a color that matches the pan really well. It’s almost transparent on the cover but the included puff covers the whole thing to see what color you have. I love the puff. It’s just a little hard to hold but it picks up and applies just the right amount of blush (and I’ve been hating how brushes make so much falloff/wasted powder all over the pans) it’s also easy to control and mega soft to my face..I feel like a baby’s butt with the puff and powder thing..hihi!

The color is a really light pink that may even look ashy (but on a very minimal tone) on some skin tones. I bet some skin tones, this won’t even show at all. Which makes it perfect to go on my cream blush cause there’s no too much pigment and I’ve been trying to transition into a more bare looking face..a sign that I’m getting more comfortable in school (after almost four freakin months, I’m just settling now..haha!) I like how it’s matte but not flat. My oily skin has been really testing the mattes in my powder collection..I don’t know how I can be so oily when the weather is supposed to be colder. Urgh. It’s also the reason why my previous favorites are not working recently..the oiliness make all my good pigmented cheek colors go too dark for my taste. Wear time, i haven’t tested this on it’s own; but over my cream blush it lasts me around 6 hours considering how hot the weather is recently and running after Mio makes me sweat like:/


  • pretty packaging
  • fool proof puff applicator
  • doesn’t break me out
  • doesn’t interfere with my cheek color and in fact sets it quite well
  • easy to blend
  • lovely finish that’s sheer and not overpowering, matte but just enough for the pigment to show without looking ashy (on my oily skin)
  • Dislikes

  • the puff is a little hard to hold on to..theres no actual handle or something.
  • no mirror. I retouch in school, and sadly our building still doesn’t have mirrors; and I’d like to hold just one product when I do so.
  • Isn’t it annoying how many words I can actually type and how much flight of thoughts I can do when blogging a single article?? Haha! Sorry you guys, I haven’t blogged in A WHILE and I’ve been so excited to talk about so much make up purchases!! 😉

    I’ll leave it at that now..happy?? 😉

    ❤ Jessica


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