Dainty Pink Face

09/05/2012 § Leave a comment

Braved BioChemDay with baby pink and shimmers! 🙂

Nanay gifted me with a Dear My Blooming Lips Talk from Etude House in PK04 I think. It’s the lightest of the pinks and I was too excited to wear it so this was taken from the night I got it..


I’m in love with the heart detail!!

And this was taken the morning after..


My excitement got me in the mood to do an almost all Etude face. Anywhoo, the photos aren’t best quality but in person, I was so mega shimmery!! 🙂 The only down side on the shimmery face is how it doesn’t hide imperfections and oilies.

First Impression

I chose this color on a whim and it’s only because I wanted a pale pinky lipstick (ughgain??! Yes again..) and I totes love the baby pinkness of it..haha! 🙂 on my bare lips, this looks more pink than when I used it over some layers of lip balms (Hawaiian Tropics and Apricot stick.. not in photo). I love the sweet scent almost the same scent with the BB Creams..i dunno, i like it. Also, not too much retouch needed except after eating. The only downside which I also experienced with my previous lipstick from EH is how it settles into lip lines although not drying up your lips. I fix it by dabbing on my lips with a clean ring finger after application to like melt it evenly on my lips.

Have you tried this uberly long named lippie from Etude? 🙂

❤ Jessica

Ps. Currently CANNOT FOCUS because Etude House in Festival mall is currently on a major sale and I am here in the library struggling with anatomy! Oh well..CONTROL.


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