Lip Smackers Coca Cola

08/26/2012 § Leave a comment

Review: Lip Smackers in Coca Cola


So I saw this in Watsons while I was in search of an alcohol spray and it was love at first sight. Impulsive buying is not a very good thing to do. Of course I was torn between vanilla but the classics came first right? Then I’m really wishing the cherry ones be available soon..and M&M’s ones!! 🙂 I know Robinsons sell Lip Smackers but not the cola ones so yayy for Watsons! 😉

Anywhoo of course this wasn’t at par with my ideal lip balms cause moisture and no gloss are my key points. This one looks glossy with a faint tint of brown that makes my lips look alive and the moisture factor seems to last only while it’s on considering I would’ve eaten it up in a couple of hours. I do love the scent so I shall not crave for Coke and I love the packaging 🙂 I’m still torn if I’ll be giving this away or if I shoud try out the others (I do love the packaging) even if I know they don’t do much with the moisture and they are quite too glossy for me.



  • packaging
  • scent
  • doesn’t really dry out my lips
  • Dislikes

  • moisture does not last
  • glossy (very subjective)
  • doesn’t last long (or maybe I shouldn’t wanna lick it off so early cause of it’s sweet taste and coca cola scent..haha)
  • Eitherway, don’t these babies make us wanna collect them all cause they make us feel so connected with out sweet tooth of a child’s past now that were supposed to stay away from sweets??! 🙂 #ElderlyProblems hahaha!

    ❤ Jessica


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