Aug 21

08/21/2012 § Leave a comment

Translated: Aug 21, You really are epic! 😉


So, weeks ago, some thoughts have been bugging my head and so I’ve decided that on this particular day, I shall tell you guys the following things just cause. The first plan was this topic


This because there’s no way for me to tell you how I feel yet I need to say things so I could now move on and tell myself, “you’ve published it already, now stop thinking about it.” I’m such a sorry excuse for anything dramatic. Anywhoo with the turn of events, I’ve spent my long weekend on


And that is the story of my dads sickness..he’s in recovery right now and I do wish he recover very soon, we miss him very much! As for the other matters in this world (please do not assume this is


Thus I did not get to master the lectures I was supposed to memorize on this 4day weekend.

Oh well.

At least

  • my dads safe now
  • I spent a huge time with the family
  • I ate so much good food
  • I got myself a lippie to love
  • Life, why you making this series of events keeping me from getting some actual sleep?! 🙂

    God, you know what to do 🙂

    BTW. This is Baby Mio guarding my Dad, who just rolled in from the OR, like a BOSS and me finding comfort in my Hungry Hippo burger after the 4day weekend! 😉


    ❤ Jessica

    Ps. Lo and behold another flight of ideas..sigh.


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