The Matchy Matchy Face

08/12/2012 § Leave a comment

Pink with Gold sparkles.

Yep. Don’t you love how well pink and gold looks on everything? Clothes, jewelry, furniture, walls?? 🙂 shows off how hopeless romantic/girly girl I can go..haha! My Lola Tita came home to the Philippines second time this year a couple of weeks ago. The first time in January, she came home with loads of make up goodies from Lancome for me and my sis. The Color Design sets came with eyeshadow, brushes, mascarra, lippies and make up remover. The first time, I got the Vintage Rose lipstick while my sister took the It Girl one. On this visit, Lola Tita brought another Lancome Color Design Lipstick in It Girl and we all know it’s definitely going to my make up bag 🙂


To cut the long story short, my gosh, I just discovered that (on my skin) these two look so much alike! Perfect matches of the prettiest pink with golden specks that will work anywhere and anytime 🙂 I’m only waiting for the most OSM eyeshadow palette and this goes into an InstaGlam bag for all the biglaan going out look 😉 I’m super happy Lola Tita gifted this lippie to me! 🙂


Except from the fact that Bella Bamba is powder so there is less pigment and bigger sparkles while It Girl is a cream lipstick that looks a almost opaque pink with a golden sheen, they really look so much alike on my skin don’t you think? This day I wore the blush over Snoe Glam Jam in Blush which is a sheer bright pink cream/gel tint so the color is much more developed and would stay much longer; considering this is a no retouching day cause I was with Mio for a Manila-Moa-Marikina day. The lip color I wore over Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in Pink Blast cause it’s my fave lip care as of this week! 😀


This was the day we picked my sister up in Manila, ate pizza in SM Mall Of Asia and went to my Titos house in Marikina for dinner cause it was his birthday. In other words, haggard day which required fuss free make up and clothes so I decided to wear this dress which has a circle skirt that perfectly hides my post baby tummy under the color blocking skirt..haha! I’ve been eating too much these days but I cannot help it, I can only disguise all these imperfections by cheating your eyes! 🙂 (remember my eye make up tricks to avoid looking old in my eyeglasses post? Haha!)


Also, because I know I’ll be running around to catch Mio and the dress being very body hugging on top, I opted to slightlycover up with a sheer button up (in a color matching Mios shorts this day..haha! 🙂 see? I’m a matchy matchy addict..I always try to make Mio’s outfit match mine..hehe! :)) Can you just imagine now how glad I was to discover this perfectly matchy matchy Lippie and Blush?? 😀

About my no retouch make up goal, I only had to retouch my lips after eating and my blush stayed until after midnight! 🙂 Amidst all the sweat, running, and eating I’m so glad how well this look wasn’t too much for day to night and how fuss free the whole look was without compromising being almost pretty in pink 😉

What can you say about this look? 😉

❤ Jessica


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