Spectacular Combo

08/09/2012 § Leave a comment

Spectacles would never look so “Bagay” 🙂

When I first wore my glasses to school my friends were all like, “Jes its bagay sayo” which translates to something like Jes it looks well on you which means that I’m prolly doing something right cause the first time I wore them, darn did I look old..mommy vibes all the way.

Clearly, something had to be done.


My first cheat is the Etude House Oh M’Eye Line in the brown shade. Eyes, behind the lenses tend to disappear and sometimes (like with my eyes and specs) you just don’t want that to happen. To make my eyes more defined and visible behind the specs, I lined my eyes with brown liquid liner. This is actually my first time to use a liquid liner but I opted to try it because

1) it’s usually the most affordable one
2) it’s easiest to take off
3) it doesn’t smudge and
4) it lasts all day.

I’ve shied away from liquid liners cause it looked difficult to manage but to my surprise, this was the quickest one to use considering I put this on everyday. When I line my eyes very thinly, it really looks like there’s nothing on my eyes (nice cheat huh?) 🙂 when I do cateyes (or cause I just get carried away and line to thickly..haha!) it still doesnt look to much for daytime cause the specs cover my eyes anyway 🙂


Second cheat is an additional layer of primer on my nosey. We all know that having to wear specs, it rests on your nose and we don’t want blisters on our Nose do we? Also, we totally do not want dark nose spots because glasses fade the nose foundation big time. I use EH Goodbye Pore Ever Stick on my nose before the foundation (another gift from Nanay.) I use this cause

1) it adds a layer of protection on my skin
2) it helps the make up last longer and
3) keeps the nose oilies at bay 🙂

This is a soft cream to powder stick that can be directly applied on the skin. It has a translucent matte finish that may or may not need a little blending to look seamless. It’s a hassle free step that works so well 🙂


With facial colors, I’m still in my bright pink high ala Barbie peg 🙂 but for a more mature look, go for some glowing roses and nudes on the lips and cheeks 🙂 Eyecolors aren’t too necessary anymore, since eyeliners are already visible and glasses frame eyes already, no need for so much fuss. UNLESS you want some more contour to make eyes look deeper or much bigger, use browns 😉

❤ Jessica

Ps. I can never forget saying spectacles cause I learned that from Ms. Trish waaay back in high school! 🙂


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