Are You Pro or Anti RH Bill?

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My stand (stand talaga with conviction) on th RH Bill.

I shall not go into the legalities of it all because that’s easily Google-able for you 😉

I know how many debates have gone crazy over this. This is not debatable. This is quite sensitive for Filipinos and all opinions should be respected. I however, shall try to “influence” you with my stand..haha! I for the record shall state that I have nothing against the Church nor the people who do not support the RH Bill because I know that they stand in good faith that Filipinos do not need the RH Bill. Being a nursing graduate and medical school student, I stand in good faith that the Filipinos need the RH Bill.

If not all Filipinos, then the parents of the children who knock at your car window asking for some change need the RH Bill. Also those children need the RH Bill as they grow up. Maybe with RH Bill those mothers who have died in relation to pregnancy are living and taking care of their babies right now. Because the RH Bill does not support abortion, then maybe the cases of abortion (because there ARE A LOT going on) would be decreased. Little children in the streets who would say “bastos” when other kids joke about maliscious things need RH Bill so they will be guided; so that they learn the proper knowledge from the propper people.

I, for one, am not the perfect person to lecture you about safe sex and parenthood and abstinence. Duh. I had an unplanned pregnancy. In spite of all the contraceptive techniques that I’ve learned and supposed to teach when I become a Registered Nurse, I still got pregnant. And even if I was months from my dreams, I put everything on hold to keep my baby. No I’m not saying that you should admire me for that..everything at that point would’ve been avoided if only I kept myself on the better path. I’m just saying that maybe if my parents were so closed minded about pregnancy and single motherhood, they would’ve sent me out of our home. They would have stopped guiding me and can you imagine where I’d be right now?

Blessed with understanding parents, Ive finished college and now pursuing Medicine. How about the others? The ones who got pregnant and chose to abort the baby because of financial, personal or career related restraints? Have a baby and you lose your job. Have a baby and forget that you were part of this family. Have a baby and let us see how you can afford to buy the milk, diapers and expensive vaccines. Do you think that people who experience these kinds of pressure and give in are EVIL? No. The society is evil for not being able to accept the reality of an unborn blessing. The society is evil for judging. And the mothers who abort their children are confused. That is why they need people to support and guide them.

How about these married couples? Marriage is not the license to have a football team of kids to starve. Marriage is the starting point to create a family in love. And with love, comes responsibility. Responsibility not only to feed your children food thrice everyday. It also comes that you should be supportive to them and teach them values. That you create great memories for them to cherish. I know nothing about working parents but I pity children who can’t spend time with their over worked parents. I pity most children who work because what their parents earn is not enough for them. Worse, that they only beg or turn to wrongdoings just to get some money for food.

Yes the government has a lot more problems to prioritize however, the government can’t keep giving people jobs because there already are too many people. Worse, parents don’t even work anymore because they want the government to feed their children. Where is the responsible parenthood there? When they kept their baby thru pregnancy only to starve them until they die of famine? The government can’t keep feeding children and the private organizations can’t keep giving slippers and school supplies to children during their reach out activities. Social awareness is not only for the people who want to help. Those who need the help should be socially aware of how they SHOULD help themselves. People would always want to help but at least, the people they help could keep themselves provided with basic needs already.

Not to mock the Church but when Jesus fed the thousands, it was only one meal. Even Jesus could not feed them everyday for the rest of their lives. Like what was said in the Bible, shouldn’t we teach them how to fish rather than simply give them fish? (I’m not sure now if that came from the bible..haha!) of course the church also said that blessed are those who are “poor and struggling” but what if they have come to a point that they’re not trying anymore to improve their children’s future? Or that they turn to crimes for money? I think that education is key so the change starts within the people who need to change. They should know how to improve their lives and not simply blame the corruption in the government for poverty. Corruption will always be there and so as citizens who are not working for the government, let us make this change on our own.

It’s been said that the government only wants some population control over the poor but honestly, anything good even the Bible could be used negatively if used with wrong intentions. This is not a way of limiting the population of the poor. This is an eye opener for all Filipinos rich and poor alike. It’s just that obviously, the poor will benefit more from this cause they will now be guided about raising a family. The Church offers them guidance but what about those who are not Catholics?

I feel sorry for the children in the streets. I also feel sorry for all the maternal deaths. I feel sorry for the non Catholics who do not have the Church to guide them about their family. I feel sorry for the young parents who were sent out of the house, or are struggling with their children until they eventually become (bad) incapable parents with sickly and starving children.

Say NO to maternal deaths. Say NO to fetal deaths. Say NO to street children. Say YES to RH Bill.

PS Spoken like a true aspiring OB GYN. See? I’m so pro life like that 😉


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