Got Me Some Specs

08/02/2012 § 4 Comments



So I finally had my eyes checked and found that I’m nearsighted. That means I can see near things clearly but far things are blurred. This is a problem when someone drives and constantly have to read things from a projector screen. Sometimes, having to switch from near to far focus makes me dizzy and this is why I sought for help already. It’s also a nonreversible case. I initially did not want to get some specs cause I hate looking even more geeky or old but heck. No choice.


Conveniently, The Paseo Optical is just across the road so I had my eyes checked there. The optometrist is there 2-7pm on weekdays..don’t go back three times before finally remembering the schedule like what I did. Ugh. Poor attention span. Anyhoo, the optometrist (whose name I forgot, again, poor attention span) was very nice asking me how I’ve been feeling and what problems I encountered. Then she checked my eyes to get an estimate of my vision. Then she asked me to sit and read the Snellens Chart. She then asked me to wear a frame of empty glasses and tried on various lenses with which I could see the chart clearly. After that, I just had to choose some frames and got my glasses 2pm the next day.


Of course, choosing the frames was critical for me. I wasn’t planning to buy several frames that I could switch to match what Im wearing so I went with a classing that goes well with my uniform (I wasn’t planning on wearing them outside school anyway). I didnt like the thick plastic frames cause they look too immature and trendy. I also don’t want the glasses too obvious. Lola vibes all the way. I went with slim silver and black frames. Yes it made me look so old and geeky.


And as usual when I’ve no choice I just try to distract people with something else. Hence, I got myself too a liquid eyeliner 🙂 way to rationalize the purchase huh? Lol! I’ve been using my Proof 10 Autopencil but I really don’t wanna use it up so much cause it’s a little expensive. And liquid liners wash off easier so it’s better for everyday use. I’ll tell you more on the next review 😉

Wearing my glasses, I was really amused at how clear I could see things now. I really did not realize that my vision was so blurry already. Driving felt like i was invincible! 🙂 and studying was much less dizzying. Although, I totally feel handicapped cause for the first few hours, it was hard not to focus on the frames could see through my vision. It’s crazy. It’s like “No more peripheral vision for you Jes!” haha! But after a while, you’ll get used to it and no more squinting! Ergo, no more wrinkles! Actually, only just much less likely but you get the point 😉

❤ Jessica


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