Whats In My Bag: Going to Medschool

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Why is my bag so ginormous and heavy? 😉


I basically have so much things to bring to school just cause I don’t like it when I need something and find that i left it at home or something. Adding the fact that I don’t bring the car to school anymore, which has all the stuff I need to live..haha! I know I’m exagge but I do bring these things with me everyday plus books and handouts..oh diba? 😉


Top: school papers, stationery: note pads and yellow pads
Bottom: “Life Purse” Coach purse, anytime Burts Bees tinted lip balm and Covergirl blush, Etude House Dr. Oil transparent mattifying powder, emergency money, spare keys, license


Pencil case contents
Top left: ruler, paper clips, correction tape
Top right: different color pens and highlighters
Bottom left: all these are black pens, middle one is erasable, last two ones are thicker pointed for shading bubbed sheets
Bottom right: pencils


Bag organizer contents


Top left: baby wipes, camera, wallet, coin purse
Top right: red and green fans, Pinkbox hair scrungees and Bench hair brush
Bottom left: Meiji Coffeebeat: coffee flavored chocolate candies in sugar shells, Doublemint sugar free mint candies
Bottom right: Snoe here comes the sunblock, 2ndPharma alcohol spritz, Listerine mouthwash, Ponds facial wash, The Body Shop cranberry joy body wash in Beabi air free pump container, Vaseline Perfect 10 lotion, Etude House Wonder Pore facial mist, Johnson’s Baby Powder Cooling and Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber fragrance mist


Top left: Garnier BB eye roll on, Etude House Dear Darling Tint, Maybelline Super Film waterproof mascara
Top right: Maybelline Clear Smooth all in one foundation, Maybelline clear smooth shine free blush ( I change this everyday between the 4 shades available of the same line), Suesh mini kabuki brush
Bottom: The Body Shop Born Lippy stick, Sophie Koshize lip stick, Maybelline Colorsensational lip stick, Etude House Apricot Sticks 🙂

*these are only the ones currently in my bag as i change shades everyday and sone products on my face i dont bring to school anymore..will have a separate post on school make up which works for cold, hot and humid weathers! 😉


This medicine box has two sides (which have their own sealed covers) one side can hold daily pills while the bigger box on the other side can hold bandages and ointments 😉 got this from Saizen for only 88php 😉


Having to wear heeled leather shoes to school, I always bring around my extra flats with me in cases of rain, tiredness and running! Haha! 😉 Solemate leather flats are so sturdy and affordable at 299php 🙂 The folds I made to make them flat inside the Beabi waterproof ziplock bag don’t show whenever I wear them 🙂


I also bring a jacket/blazer with me which I change everyday and this is the one I’ll be wearing to school tomo 🙂 The photographed FrancoSarto umbrella is not the one I use everyday but a purple HydroTechno automatic umbrella which does not only protect me from the rain but also from the angry sun 😉 I also bring my iPad2 (which I’m using to photograph the stuff in this blog) cause it carries the ebooks I use in school plus some notes and documents 😉 These three things are the heaviest in my bag 😦


Last but not least, I always have this hanging from my bag and almost everyone asks me what the little cup is for..it’s a foldable bag from SAC People 🙂 This is already my third purchase from them cause they have so many pretty designs and ideas for these bags 🙂 The other two were flowers I gifted to my Mom and Nanay. I chose this cup design for my school needs cause it’s just fitting as i could never miss a cup of coffee or tea whenever in school and its so quirky to fit the bagS I use for school, I love switching bags but now only two have won my heart 😉

As for the bags I LOVE carrying all these things, I shall share with you after this 😉

❤ Jessica

Ps. Now tell me, do I really carry too much stuff or do I just have too much necessities? Lol


Proof 10 Auto Pencil

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Review: Proof 10 Auto Pencil #3 Brown from Etude House


My Nanay (auntie who’s as good as a mom to me whom I currently live with) gifted me this eyeliner (and a bunch of products which i love including the Bubble hair color in Mocha Pink from EH) which I’ve mentioned to her I’ve been meaning to buy. She’s the best shopper and I’m the worst shopping adviser for the reason that I will never say never re shopping :))


Note reads: To my Bad Influence Anak, I hope you like this. love, Nanay 😉

Anyway, I love it a bunch! 😉

I wore this yesterday afternoon til night and even fell asleep (my face hurried in pillows) but no smudges baby! 😉 The color is a dark brown with little golden specks that are barely noticeable but gives a brighter effect to the eyes which is great for me because I don’t like using eyeliners which make my eyes look emo-ish 🙂 This is smudge able so you cause your brush playing with the styles but after a few minutes, it will set on your eyes and I’ve proven it to be a little difficult to remove without the proper cleanser. When I opened it first, I thought it would twist off The brown tip but i accidentally pulled it out. I semi panicked before I noticed that it’s actually a sharpener help us make finer lines! 🙂 isn’t that amazing? One con I felt about auto liners is how they are almost 3cm in diameter and it would be impossible for me to create a finer line without separate brushes but lo and behold, I’ve found my destiny! Hahaha! 😉


What I love about it:

  • It does not fade/smudge on my oily lids
  • super mega waterproof indeed
  • soft and creamy texture does not hurt my lids
  • does not leave raccoon eyes after washing
  • fool proof application
  • as it is an automatic eyeliner, no need to sharpen equals no mess
  • includes a sharpener for making fin lines..amazing! 😉
  • What I don’t love:

  • is the price. I know it’s much affordable than the other liners that work but for a student on a budget, I’m glad this was gifted to me 🙂
  • 20120707-122721.jpg

    Over all, I truly love this and I’ll prolly use this a couple of times a week but not everyday as I don’t wanna have to spend almost 400php monthly for an eyeliner..anyway MEGA THANKS again to Nanay for this! 😉

    ❤ Jessica

    Ps: did anyone miss my reviews? Haha! I missed writing for you too! :*

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