Bloom Sheer Colour Cream

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Review: Bloom Sheer Colour Cream


First of, I meant to do a Swatch post here and not a review just so you see how sheer this is; however, I’m too busy/lazy to pick up the bigger camera and shoot away so I’ll just try to describe it with words. I’m sure though that I’ll get to show you this one on a Face post 🙂

I’ve bought my first Sheer Colour Cream 4 years ago and used it almost everyday for a year. I still have it..I’m prolly even just half way thru the pan. I stopped using it cause I got bored with the same look each and! Recently, I felt a need to buy a cream blush in a very light pink color for under my light pink powder blushes to make them last longer..ergo, my second pan.

SCC could be used as a cheek, lip and eye color..which ever your heart would desire. On the pan it’s a really thick cream that comes of like oil when picked up with in, it will melt on your finger tips with the color so it’s really fluid and easy to blend. For oily faces, this may be a problem but I have oily cheeks and I can easily solve it by setting with powder. I love how it’s like a natural tint on your face which LASTS while keeping your skin moisturized with a dewy glow. This even looks great on bare skin (bare as in just a towel dried skin without even day cream or sunblock) because the moisturizing properties blend the color right into your skin.


The colors on the photos are very close to what you will see on the pan. However, because this is Sheer color cream, the pigment is somewhat light which you would like for a natural blush look. I also like how its sheer because I use it under my powder blushes and it does not interfere with the color. I have Who me? And Shy.

Who me is a deep pink great for medium to light skin. This looks like I just had a good jog kind of blush. This is my life saver on my bare face days: Just Bloom Who me and Burts Bees Rhubarb. Seriously faking the no make up look. Shy on the other hand is a very light pink that is so subtle it mightn’t show very much with one thin layer. It’s great on it’s own for an I’m so ready for our afternoon tea date Mr. Crush kinda blush. I use it however to brighten up my powder blushes and make them last longer. Some powder blushes, because they’re very light pink, tend to look pale or fade too fast. This gives a pink glow from behind the powder to add life to the almost boring pale pinks 🙂


  • its lasting power is really what keeps me loyal
  • so easy to blend
  • has a great scent I love (but my friends find it too strong)
  • can be worn alone or under powder
  • can be used on eyes cheeks and lip
  • dewy and moisturizing adds a glow
  • looks very natural
  • did not break me out
  • Hates:

  • that four years ago, this costs only 650php and now it’s 850php but honestly, it’s still worth the price.
  • If you guys are looking for a great cream blush, try this one 🙂

    ❤ Jessica

    PS I've been very consistent that the hates I only have with products are the prices. Lol! Even if some would consider these very affordable..hehe! Poverty mode! 😉


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