Cold Weather Socks

07/29/2012 § Leave a comment

No classes today you guys.

So, I’ve showered and put on my make up before checking my phone to see that classes, or should I say, exams are cancelled for today. Yes they will be rescheduled. And so you can only imagine my relief cause the winds outside is quite scary for a 1 hour drive to Cavite. Define Greenfield-SLEX-Daang Hari route isn’t very ideal for this kind of weather. Anywho I finally found a reason to get my knitted cold weather socks on. Sad my sister isn’t here so we’ll be terno 😉


Anyanywho. I was really asking my Lolo last night why of all the weekends did he choose this one for me to want to go to Manila, and take care of my baby Mio and have to study for 2 exams on Monday. I bargained my Wednesday exam cause it’s impossible for me to cover until Anatomy with Mio taking meds every 4 hours and waking up every 2 hours. Random thought: since Thursday, 4 hours was my longest straight sleep, and that happened only thursday night. And yet at the back of my mind, I knew he wouldn’t let me down 🙂 he didn’t. Classes are cancelled today and so I have another day to study and keep keen attention to Mio and his intermittent fever. I will update on fever management when I’ve more time.

For now, this is only a random rant and thanks to my Lolo who’s up in heaven already. I love you Lolo. You are very much missed.

❤ Jessica


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