Pantene Pro V Leave on Treatments

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Review: Pantene Pro V Night Miracle Essence, All Day Hair Fall Protect Essence and Natural Shine Booster Essence


Since school started, I’ve been extra conscious with my hair cause my hair fall has been terrible maybe due to the stress and pony tailing. I swear, if I could live with one hair style like if I were a Sim, I’d do the ponytail..haha! πŸ™‚ Anywho, I don’t want my hair to get any worse so I asked my Tita Nanay how she dealt with hair fall (she experienced a real bad case due to having too much hair color and treatment stuff) and she said only. Pantene worked, out of all the stuff she’s tried so yeah I’ve slightly converted to Pantene however on weekends I use some anti dandruff stuff.

AnyAnywho, she told me that the leave ons were also quite awesome so of course who wouldn’t wanna try? πŸ™‚ I always wanted to use leave ons for my frizzy hair during the Pre-Hair Rebonding generation..aka before high school :)) even before puberty, I like doing stuff with my hair only I’ve been blessed with thick black oily hair which means leave ons are a No No, while anti dandruff ones were my staple. Amidst the hesitations due to that history, I actually came to love these three bottles πŸ˜‰

Total Damage Care Night Miracle Essence

I first got to try this one cause I’ve been washing my hair twice everyday..with conditioners in the AM and Shampoo at night. That means I have tangled up hair in the evenings but it’s ok cause I just stay indoors anyway. However, tangled hair means more hair fall because they’re all pulled in random directions. Please don’t get angry that I wash my hair so much and then complain of hair fall..hehe! I cannot not wash at night, my hair feels dirty and in the morning I feel like I’m not awake without washing my That’s why I slathered on two pumps of this baby on my uncombed towel dried hair with my hands. Imagine my surprise when I combed my hair tame with my hands and the help of this product. I tell you, AWESOME DETANGLER! I however cannot say anything about the repair part cause I don’t think my hair was damaged to show some results.

Hair Fall Control All Day Hair Fall Protect Essence


Because of how much I loved the night treatment I got (my mom to) buy myself this bottle for daytime protection because lunch time in school means a long sunny walk to the “better” πŸ™‚ This did not disappoint as well. Aside from the absence of greasiness and weighing down which I’ve experienced in my younger stubborn days of still using some leave ons; people really started to notice a change with my hair during the first week I used this every morning.

The fact is that three weeks ago, about the time I started to use the night essence, I dyed my hair chocolate brown or in Etude House language, Mocha Pink. The result was noticeable to me and the ones here at home but not to the ones I see only on weekends However, as more days passed, the color seems to lighten a bit more making my hair stand out little by little and I’m not sure if it was because that’s how Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring works OR if the daytime protection essence from Pantene has been doing the wonders. I feel it’s a little of both. I also did not put my hair up on a pony after lunch during the weeks I’ve been using this so, yes “No more tali time” :))

Nature Care Fullness & Life Natural Shine Booster Essence


This is the latest I’ve been using, left the hair fall essence bottle with my mom to try this one πŸ™‚ Just cause Tita Nanay bought it and I can’t say no to! I liked this cause I felt it gives better control on my hair so it looks more straight. I’m not sure however if this is supposed to protect my hair from hair fall like the other one. Any who, I still love this and got compliments from the girlashes in school so I’m sticking with this one for now. I do love how it doesn’t weigh my hair down or feel greasy even with the sun and stress and how much I touch my hair. I’m sorry I know it’s such a lousy habit I do and it’s bad for my hair line BUT πŸ™‚

All three are awesome so if you’re looking for some versatile leave on that works, you better get these bottles πŸ™‚


  • that it doesn’t weigh my thick hair down
  • that it doesnt feel greasy
  • that my forehead skin and cheeks did not break out which usually happens when I try new hair products
  • that it detangles so well and keeps my hair very tame
  • that it’s not making my hair color look bad and in fact its making my hair notably look better
  • HATES:

  • that it’s a little pricey for a student like me. And a bottle would prolly last only a month with two pumps everyday
  • Overall, I’m so keeping this in my everyday and night routine πŸ˜‰

    Ps. Photos are from πŸ˜‰

    ❀ Jessica


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