Proof 10 Auto Pencil

07/08/2012 § Leave a comment

Review: Proof 10 Auto Pencil #3 Brown from Etude House


My Nanay (auntie who’s as good as a mom to me whom I currently live with) gifted me this eyeliner (and a bunch of products which i love including the Bubble hair color in Mocha Pink from EH) which I’ve mentioned to her I’ve been meaning to buy. She’s the best shopper and I’m the worst shopping adviser for the reason that I will never say never re shopping :))


Note reads: To my Bad Influence Anak, I hope you like this. love, Nanay 😉

Anyway, I love it a bunch! 😉

I wore this yesterday afternoon til night and even fell asleep (my face hurried in pillows) but no smudges baby! 😉 The color is a dark brown with little golden specks that are barely noticeable but gives a brighter effect to the eyes which is great for me because I don’t like using eyeliners which make my eyes look emo-ish 🙂 This is smudge able so you cause your brush playing with the styles but after a few minutes, it will set on your eyes and I’ve proven it to be a little difficult to remove without the proper cleanser. When I opened it first, I thought it would twist off The brown tip but i accidentally pulled it out. I semi panicked before I noticed that it’s actually a sharpener help us make finer lines! 🙂 isn’t that amazing? One con I felt about auto liners is how they are almost 3cm in diameter and it would be impossible for me to create a finer line without separate brushes but lo and behold, I’ve found my destiny! Hahaha! 😉


What I love about it:

  • It does not fade/smudge on my oily lids
  • super mega waterproof indeed
  • soft and creamy texture does not hurt my lids
  • does not leave raccoon eyes after washing
  • fool proof application
  • as it is an automatic eyeliner, no need to sharpen equals no mess
  • includes a sharpener for making fin lines..amazing! 😉
  • What I don’t love:

  • is the price. I know it’s much affordable than the other liners that work but for a student on a budget, I’m glad this was gifted to me 🙂
  • 20120707-122721.jpg

    Over all, I truly love this and I’ll prolly use this a couple of times a week but not everyday as I don’t wanna have to spend almost 400php monthly for an eyeliner..anyway MEGA THANKS again to Nanay for this! 😉

    ❤ Jessica

    Ps: did anyone miss my reviews? Haha! I missed writing for you too! :*


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