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Black vs. White? Tommy vs. Liz?


During the first weeks of school, I changed my bag everyday trying to find The One for me..haha! Having to carry so much stuff everyday means I want a bag that is ergonomically friendly for the petite me in heels and mega tight white uniform..oh you can just imagine how uncomfortable it can be 😦 also, I do have a thing for pattern so although I like switching things up everyday, I first set the ones that I want for good and with my bag, I’ve come down to two πŸ˜‰

These are moms old bags and I just want to share how these two bags are so clever πŸ™‚


Liz Claiborne Carry all Faux Alligator in White and Gold

I love this bag cause all my stuff fit inside and it doesn’t loose it’s shape. It’s also water and stain proof because of the sturdy leather material. Its a perfect combination of white, beige
Ines and gold details that spell so much class and goes so well with my white uniform πŸ™‚


It has three compartments inside, the zippered middle on being most spacious. Inside is a zippered pocket and three phone sized pockets which are great for things to be at easiest reach like car keys, hanky and I.D. card. It’s also great that I can slip my bag organizer through the middle compartment and even add my umbrella and jacket. It’s been raining here so I used this all week and everything was kept dry and organized inside. It has two pockets at the back size which are good for my pencil case and some change.The only downside is that it’s just so heavy 😦 considering the thick leather material,the bag itself is already heavy so toting this around all day feels tiring in the afternoon. Also, I end up with pink shoulders at the end of the day.


Tommy Hilfiger Ausable large tote

I love this bag cause it’s so comfortable to bring. The strap is soft and even if it’s black, it does not leave dark marks on my white blouse. It’s also great for school cause it’s easy to clean over the weekend and ready to be used again come Monday. The monogram makes it interesting even when I wear an all white ensemble with it. But really it’s just simple and functional πŸ™‚


It also has three compartments but the middle zippered one is the narrowest. It’s only good for my iPad so I slip my bag organizer in the compartment to the back. The side compartment also has a zippered pocket and two phone sized pockets which are just easy to reach to. The front pockets are much bigger than the ones from Liz. I can even slip in my notebooks there. Because I can’t close the big compartments inside, I would just stuff my jacket over my stuff and people always worry why my bag is open (and sometimes look overflowing)..lol! No matter, cause the design of this bag is so great that it makes carrying a lot of things feel lighter for me. Even if the upper part of this bag is made up of leather, it’s still fuss free for me caus eevrything is much softer.

To sum up why I love both these bags, here are what I like to look at

  • long straps
  • huge compartments
  • water and stain proofs
  • comfortably straps
  • classy and conservative designs and colors
  • However, as for right now, if I could pick out just any bag for me to use for the rest of the school year, I’d prolly get me a large Le Pliage Cuir in Gun Metal cause it’s so light, simple, functional and I bet, timeless πŸ˜‰


    Isnt it funny how I over think even with the smallest things like bags? Well, it matters to me so those are what I have to say :))

    ❀ Jessica


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