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Positive Cookie Attitudes (tm)

   Today’s Positive Thought is by Ernest Holmes.

“Merely to abstain from wrong thinking is not enough, there must be active right thinking.”

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Bloom Sheer Colour Cream

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Review: Bloom Sheer Colour Cream


First of, I meant to do a Swatch post here and not a review just so you see how sheer this is; however, I’m too busy/lazy to pick up the bigger camera and shoot away so I’ll just try to describe it with words. I’m sure though that I’ll get to show you this one on a Face post 🙂

I’ve bought my first Sheer Colour Cream 4 years ago and used it almost everyday for a year. I still have it..I’m prolly even just half way thru the pan. I stopped using it cause I got bored with the same look each and! Recently, I felt a need to buy a cream blush in a very light pink color for under my light pink powder blushes to make them last longer..ergo, my second pan.

SCC could be used as a cheek, lip and eye color..which ever your heart would desire. On the pan it’s a really thick cream that comes of like oil when picked up with in, it will melt on your finger tips with the color so it’s really fluid and easy to blend. For oily faces, this may be a problem but I have oily cheeks and I can easily solve it by setting with powder. I love how it’s like a natural tint on your face which LASTS while keeping your skin moisturized with a dewy glow. This even looks great on bare skin (bare as in just a towel dried skin without even day cream or sunblock) because the moisturizing properties blend the color right into your skin.


The colors on the photos are very close to what you will see on the pan. However, because this is Sheer color cream, the pigment is somewhat light which you would like for a natural blush look. I also like how its sheer because I use it under my powder blushes and it does not interfere with the color. I have Who me? And Shy.

Who me is a deep pink great for medium to light skin. This looks like I just had a good jog kind of blush. This is my life saver on my bare face days: Just Bloom Who me and Burts Bees Rhubarb. Seriously faking the no make up look. Shy on the other hand is a very light pink that is so subtle it mightn’t show very much with one thin layer. It’s great on it’s own for an I’m so ready for our afternoon tea date Mr. Crush kinda blush. I use it however to brighten up my powder blushes and make them last longer. Some powder blushes, because they’re very light pink, tend to look pale or fade too fast. This gives a pink glow from behind the powder to add life to the almost boring pale pinks 🙂


  • its lasting power is really what keeps me loyal
  • so easy to blend
  • has a great scent I love (but my friends find it too strong)
  • can be worn alone or under powder
  • can be used on eyes cheeks and lip
  • dewy and moisturizing adds a glow
  • looks very natural
  • did not break me out
  • Hates:

  • that four years ago, this costs only 650php and now it’s 850php but honestly, it’s still worth the price.
  • If you guys are looking for a great cream blush, try this one 🙂

    ❤ Jessica

    PS I've been very consistent that the hates I only have with products are the prices. Lol! Even if some would consider these very affordable..hehe! Poverty mode! 😉

    Cold Weather Socks

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    No classes today you guys.

    So, I’ve showered and put on my make up before checking my phone to see that classes, or should I say, exams are cancelled for today. Yes they will be rescheduled. And so you can only imagine my relief cause the winds outside is quite scary for a 1 hour drive to Cavite. Define Greenfield-SLEX-Daang Hari route isn’t very ideal for this kind of weather. Anywho I finally found a reason to get my knitted cold weather socks on. Sad my sister isn’t here so we’ll be terno 😉


    Anyanywho. I was really asking my Lolo last night why of all the weekends did he choose this one for me to want to go to Manila, and take care of my baby Mio and have to study for 2 exams on Monday. I bargained my Wednesday exam cause it’s impossible for me to cover until Anatomy with Mio taking meds every 4 hours and waking up every 2 hours. Random thought: since Thursday, 4 hours was my longest straight sleep, and that happened only thursday night. And yet at the back of my mind, I knew he wouldn’t let me down 🙂 he didn’t. Classes are cancelled today and so I have another day to study and keep keen attention to Mio and his intermittent fever. I will update on fever management when I’ve more time.

    For now, this is only a random rant and thanks to my Lolo who’s up in heaven already. I love you Lolo. You are very much missed.

    ❤ Jessica

    Pantene Pro V Leave on Treatments

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    Review: Pantene Pro V Night Miracle Essence, All Day Hair Fall Protect Essence and Natural Shine Booster Essence


    Since school started, I’ve been extra conscious with my hair cause my hair fall has been terrible maybe due to the stress and pony tailing. I swear, if I could live with one hair style like if I were a Sim, I’d do the ponytail..haha! 🙂 Anywho, I don’t want my hair to get any worse so I asked my Tita Nanay how she dealt with hair fall (she experienced a real bad case due to having too much hair color and treatment stuff) and she said only. Pantene worked, out of all the stuff she’s tried so yeah I’ve slightly converted to Pantene however on weekends I use some anti dandruff stuff.

    AnyAnywho, she told me that the leave ons were also quite awesome so of course who wouldn’t wanna try? 🙂 I always wanted to use leave ons for my frizzy hair during the Pre-Hair Rebonding generation..aka before high school :)) even before puberty, I like doing stuff with my hair only I’ve been blessed with thick black oily hair which means leave ons are a No No, while anti dandruff ones were my staple. Amidst the hesitations due to that history, I actually came to love these three bottles 😉

    Total Damage Care Night Miracle Essence

    I first got to try this one cause I’ve been washing my hair twice everyday..with conditioners in the AM and Shampoo at night. That means I have tangled up hair in the evenings but it’s ok cause I just stay indoors anyway. However, tangled hair means more hair fall because they’re all pulled in random directions. Please don’t get angry that I wash my hair so much and then complain of hair fall..hehe! I cannot not wash at night, my hair feels dirty and in the morning I feel like I’m not awake without washing my That’s why I slathered on two pumps of this baby on my uncombed towel dried hair with my hands. Imagine my surprise when I combed my hair tame with my hands and the help of this product. I tell you, AWESOME DETANGLER! I however cannot say anything about the repair part cause I don’t think my hair was damaged to show some results.

    Hair Fall Control All Day Hair Fall Protect Essence


    Because of how much I loved the night treatment I got (my mom to) buy myself this bottle for daytime protection because lunch time in school means a long sunny walk to the “better” 🙂 This did not disappoint as well. Aside from the absence of greasiness and weighing down which I’ve experienced in my younger stubborn days of still using some leave ons; people really started to notice a change with my hair during the first week I used this every morning.

    The fact is that three weeks ago, about the time I started to use the night essence, I dyed my hair chocolate brown or in Etude House language, Mocha Pink. The result was noticeable to me and the ones here at home but not to the ones I see only on weekends However, as more days passed, the color seems to lighten a bit more making my hair stand out little by little and I’m not sure if it was because that’s how Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring works OR if the daytime protection essence from Pantene has been doing the wonders. I feel it’s a little of both. I also did not put my hair up on a pony after lunch during the weeks I’ve been using this so, yes “No more tali time” :))

    Nature Care Fullness & Life Natural Shine Booster Essence


    This is the latest I’ve been using, left the hair fall essence bottle with my mom to try this one 🙂 Just cause Tita Nanay bought it and I can’t say no to! I liked this cause I felt it gives better control on my hair so it looks more straight. I’m not sure however if this is supposed to protect my hair from hair fall like the other one. Any who, I still love this and got compliments from the girlashes in school so I’m sticking with this one for now. I do love how it doesn’t weigh my hair down or feel greasy even with the sun and stress and how much I touch my hair. I’m sorry I know it’s such a lousy habit I do and it’s bad for my hair line BUT 🙂

    All three are awesome so if you’re looking for some versatile leave on that works, you better get these bottles 🙂


  • that it doesn’t weigh my thick hair down
  • that it doesnt feel greasy
  • that my forehead skin and cheeks did not break out which usually happens when I try new hair products
  • that it detangles so well and keeps my hair very tame
  • that it’s not making my hair color look bad and in fact its making my hair notably look better
  • HATES:

  • that it’s a little pricey for a student like me. And a bottle would prolly last only a month with two pumps everyday
  • Overall, I’m so keeping this in my everyday and night routine 😉

    Ps. Photos are from 😉

    ❤ Jessica

    The Late Face

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    Here’s how I do my make up when im barely on time and almost late for school 😉


    This is a much quicker version of my everyday routine. I do this when I like to give my skin some room to breathe (from having to wear make up every single weekday,) when I’m in a huge hurry or when my make up does not have to last the whole day 🙂

    This is mega easy 🙂

  • Spritz Ponds oil control toner to take care of shine and proud pores.
  • Layer up on Snoe BB Vitamin cream with SPF for an even tone, cover imperfections, moisturize and protect face. Saves me a lot of minutes from my usual routine.
  • Use Hawaiian Tropics Sunscreen Lip Balm on your lips (I really recomend this balm because of it’s SPF and it’s a lightweight matte that is great with any kind of lip color)
  • Spread some SPF lotion on your body while waiting for the BB cream to settle on your face. I personally layer Snoe Here Comes the Sunblock SPF 45 over my lotion on not rainy days.
  • Set with a good protective but even layer of Maybelline Clear Smooth all in one foundation so the make up stays matte and put together even through sweat and oilies.
  • Add a light shimmer and hint of rose on your cheeks with ELF All over color stick and lightly cover it with Maybelline Clear smooth blush to make your matte fresh rosy glow last all day.
  • If needed or preferred, you can use EH Drawing Eyebrows to give your brows a more put together look or give it a hint of color to match your hair.
  • When needed, Use a mascarra to get your eyes in the awake mode. I used a dark brown pencil liner because I needed to add some more awake into my puffy stayed-up-late-last-night. My choices are Maybelline Super Film and EH Proof 10 Autoliner
  • After wearing the white stuff and drinking the coffee, finish off with the lip color of the day. Here I used SophieLipstick in Summer Pink, a cool baby pink color.
  • 20120724-133111.jpg

    I like this make up style cause not only does it save me time but people tends to say that I look like I didnt use anything on my face but the blush and lip color, ergo, faking the clear skin baby! 😉

    What I don’t like is that on extremely hot days, my face would feel greasy during our sunny lunch time walks but could be fixed with EH Woner Pore Freshner and retouch with my powder 🙂

    ❤ Jessica

    Library Loner Face

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    Did you stay up late last night studying for an exam? I did 😦

    Welcome to Dr. R. A. Medical Library :))

    Let me just blabber while I rest my mind from anatomy reviewers

    Check out my view 😉


    Don’t you love how clean it looks like? Haha! Just an awesome place to study..away from the traffic and pollution 🙂

    Moving on..check out todays make up 🙂


    *made a point to wear so much pink on my lips just cause yesterday my Nude Peach Fuss was apparently “pale” duh? Haha! Boys’s called baby pink make up! 🙂

    Watch from Link 🙂 they have the most interesting designs of plastic watches at great prices (very collectable). I’m planning to switch to a porcelain white and gold watch (cause i know itll look awesone on my white uniform..haha! Vanity!) but I can’t seem to save enough money for it :))

    Today’s routine:

  • Olay moisturizer
  • Hawaiian Tropics SunscreenStick Lip Balm
  • Goodbye Pore Ever Stick
  • Nivea immediate sun protect for face
  • Maybelline ClearSmooth Aqua foundation
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth all in one foundation
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine free blush in Fresh Coral
  • EH Proof 10 Auto Pencil in brown
  • EH Drawing Eyebrows in #3 Brown
  • Snoe Handy Lip Color in Strawberry
  • Maybelline Magnum Super Film Mascara
  • Today’s routine is intended for a sunny day and a lot of walking but close to none retouching 😉

    Also, I officially have “Brown Hair” as of 2 Tuesdays ago thanks to Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in Mocha pink 🙂 see?


    I love how it looks a lot less yellow in normal light and almost natural but kept my face looking softer and younger because of the lighter shade than my forever brown-black which was my natural jet black hair only damaged by the sun so it tends to have a tinge of brown in sunlight..haha! :)) it could be a dupe for Ash brown blonde (the shade ive always wanted cause of Ms. Curtis) which is like an off brown-grey hair, no yellow undertones but could only be achieved by bleaching and a lot of recoloring. So yeah I’m mega happy 🙂

    I’m not sure what else I should blabber about so I’m gonna sign off now and get back to the books 🙂 wish me luck on my exams today? 😉

    ❤ Jessica



    Everyday Company

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    Black vs. White? Tommy vs. Liz?


    During the first weeks of school, I changed my bag everyday trying to find The One for me..haha! Having to carry so much stuff everyday means I want a bag that is ergonomically friendly for the petite me in heels and mega tight white uniform..oh you can just imagine how uncomfortable it can be 😦 also, I do have a thing for pattern so although I like switching things up everyday, I first set the ones that I want for good and with my bag, I’ve come down to two 😉

    These are moms old bags and I just want to share how these two bags are so clever 🙂


    Liz Claiborne Carry all Faux Alligator in White and Gold

    I love this bag cause all my stuff fit inside and it doesn’t loose it’s shape. It’s also water and stain proof because of the sturdy leather material. Its a perfect combination of white, beige
    Ines and gold details that spell so much class and goes so well with my white uniform 🙂


    It has three compartments inside, the zippered middle on being most spacious. Inside is a zippered pocket and three phone sized pockets which are great for things to be at easiest reach like car keys, hanky and I.D. card. It’s also great that I can slip my bag organizer through the middle compartment and even add my umbrella and jacket. It’s been raining here so I used this all week and everything was kept dry and organized inside. It has two pockets at the back size which are good for my pencil case and some change.The only downside is that it’s just so heavy 😦 considering the thick leather material,the bag itself is already heavy so toting this around all day feels tiring in the afternoon. Also, I end up with pink shoulders at the end of the day.


    Tommy Hilfiger Ausable large tote

    I love this bag cause it’s so comfortable to bring. The strap is soft and even if it’s black, it does not leave dark marks on my white blouse. It’s also great for school cause it’s easy to clean over the weekend and ready to be used again come Monday. The monogram makes it interesting even when I wear an all white ensemble with it. But really it’s just simple and functional 🙂


    It also has three compartments but the middle zippered one is the narrowest. It’s only good for my iPad so I slip my bag organizer in the compartment to the back. The side compartment also has a zippered pocket and two phone sized pockets which are just easy to reach to. The front pockets are much bigger than the ones from Liz. I can even slip in my notebooks there. Because I can’t close the big compartments inside, I would just stuff my jacket over my stuff and people always worry why my bag is open (and sometimes look overflowing)! No matter, cause the design of this bag is so great that it makes carrying a lot of things feel lighter for me. Even if the upper part of this bag is made up of leather, it’s still fuss free for me caus eevrything is much softer.

    To sum up why I love both these bags, here are what I like to look at

  • long straps
  • huge compartments
  • water and stain proofs
  • comfortably straps
  • classy and conservative designs and colors
  • However, as for right now, if I could pick out just any bag for me to use for the rest of the school year, I’d prolly get me a large Le Pliage Cuir in Gun Metal cause it’s so light, simple, functional and I bet, timeless 😉


    Isnt it funny how I over think even with the smallest things like bags? Well, it matters to me so those are what I have to say :))

    ❤ Jessica

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