Pulling an all nighter?

06/26/2012 § 2 Comments

Like most students, I don’t like going to school for an exam after spending a whole night studying for it. However, unlike most students, I always go to my exams and try to hide all the signs of an all Nighter :)) (I’ve gotten used to people who really would tell the world how sleepless one was studying..) no one can blame them though, cause all of us DID have a sleepless night :))

Here’s how i deal with mine 😉

Weapons of choice!! 🙂


Eye Cream: apply this generously around your eyes to keep yourself awake and it’s also a way of saying sorry for how tired you’ve gotten your eyes.


Skin Care mask: the moisture will keep you awake and will help your face look well rested when the sun rises (and you’re still reading your lectures..haha!)


Comfy head band: this will keep your hair from sticking to the mask or distracting your eyes. It also helps anchor the mask because gravity is against you wearing a mask while reading or writing :))


Lol did my face scare you? :))

These are mega simple ways to be good to your skin while being the awesome student that you are 😉

On reviewing tips, these are what I do..don’t judge 🙂

Take down notes and color code important things


Hoard reading materials


Relax your mind and body


Pick a poison (whatever keeps you awake) mine is coffee 😉

I know it’s sometimes impossible to cover everything but at least you tried and stayed up for the important things 😉

Then, pray 🙂

❤ Jessica


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§ 2 Responses to Pulling an all nighter?

  • Oh how I enjoy not having to pull all-nighters because of exams anymore!! Looks like you’ve dealt with it just fine though 🙂

    • Well, having to be a frosh at medschool right now, I’m still looking at 5 more sleepless years on my planner..lol! 🙂 in fact, I shall pull off another night of reading right now..however, I’m thinking of posting another “what’s in my bag” first..hmmm 😉

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