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If you’re a total OC then Beabi is you heaven 🙂

Because of my clutterliness and poor ELF packaging and supply of free testers, here are what I’ve recently purchased from Beabi 😉

Bag Organizer Large



Because I’ve been going school almost everyday, I’ve set myself on “necessities” I feel I should bring. Because of the white uniforms too which are about to arrive this week, I know im going to be all over my moms bag cabinets and change from one bag to another..the only requirement I take note of is that it has to be a huge bag. Why? This is how I over packed my organizer :))


See how much of help the organizer is instead of having everything jumbled up inside my bag? 🙂
I love this purchase cause it’s able to fit so much stuff in different compartments without breaking the bank..I got this for not more than 200php I think 😉

Lip Gloss Dispenser


I’ve shown you my ELF Essentials Lip Stick with the Maybelline Clear Smooth Swatches and as of this day, they have melted beyond the “stick” they’re supposed to be. Imagine my delight to see these transparent lippie dispenser at Beabi. They resemble very much like the ELF Essentials Liquid Lipstick container (the stuff comes out from a few holes covered by soft foam.) The SA informed me that this was intended for liquid glosses but I thought I should try one since the ELF lipstick has been super soft already.

This one I really did not know how I would be able to transfer my melting ELF essentials lippie into the slender container. So what I did was dice up my lippie and inserted one piece at a time..haha! It was very messy but at least I still got to use the lippie without the need of a lip brush :))

In short, this works! 🙂

Flip Top Container XS


Recently, I’ve posted on twitter the little wound Mio gave me right smack on my forehead and yes I’ve endured the first week of classes with people trying to make out what’s with the “thing” on my forehead which obviously does not belong there :)) Good thing I have a Nanay with so much supply of ointments etc that I literally just grabbed Physiogel Al Cream from a jar of different sample creams. Since wound is small, I wouldn’t be able to finish the sample sized sachet for sure so I took a trip to Beabi looking for the perfect little monster :))

This transparent plastic container can hold up to 5ml of product which is perfect for sachet samples 😉 they also have a white opaque twist off cap container of the same size for products which shouldn’t be exposed to light. I wasn’t sure if Physiogel is photosensitive but I liked that I can see what’s inside the container and how I wouldn’t lose tha cap unless I tear the plastic apart 🙂

I’ve already got my eyes set on a bunch more stuff like another lippie dispenser and an air free pump to bring a travel friendly liquid foundation and Chocomania shower cream which is my current favorite soap 🙂

Have you shopped t Beabi? 😉

❤ Jessica


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  • sofiabanana says:

    This is the kind of business I actually dream of having for the long term! I even have a company name in mind XD but ofc I’m planning to make my products much more affordable 😀

  • dennise says:

    hello, great buys! i bought the same lipgloss sponge dispenser but i couldnt seem to transfer my gloss into the container. i removes the sponge part and from there removed the liquid, but it just stays in the tip of the dispenser; the liquid does not want to enter the main body of the container. i’ve tried twisting the other end and it just keeps on snapping! nothing happens 😦 i was just wondering how you transfered your melted lipstick. :p thanks 🙂

    • What I did was remove the whole tip where the sponge was attached. I think it’s the whole white plastic part. Try to locate the junction where the white and transparent plastic would meet. It wasnt easy cause it snaps tightly and is not to be twisted off but the SA at Beabi removed it easily so I guess it depends and you may ask help from them. after removing the white tip (opposite the twistable end) it opens up into the transparent body of the dispenser 🙂

  • love that organizer bag

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