B-Bums Kids Fun Salon

06/04/2012 § 2 Comments

Mio had his first haircut! 😉


It wasn’t easy for Mio (and I) to get this first finally over because I had a lot of worries about his safety etc. It went well though and a lot of stuff helped..considering that I had to carry him while he was having his hair cut, then transferred to the toy car, then to Tita Jas, then back to me while letting him get distracted with Barney and a lollipop! 🙂 yes, I will do everything for his comfort! 😉


I’ve noticed how my mom and dad were getting stressed out watching Mio getting agitated once in a while while scissors snap on his hair :)) I think they panic more easily when around Mio or maybe I’m just so used to mayhem..so whenever I actually worry about Mio expect the worst! :))


So what to take note of for the first haircut?

  • the place should not be so crowded and noisy
  • have toys around or a movie playing
  • have familiar faces around like family
  • have candies or his favorite snack around
  • bring an extra set of clothes
  • bring your own powder and skin irritation ointments
  • mommy should tie up her hair!
  • make sure the person cutting is specifically trained at kiddie haircuts
  • let him have a great playtime after
  • 20120605-045949.jpg

    Mio had his hair cut at the B-bums Kids Fun Salon (I think that’s the name) in ATC. It’s the one beside Chatime and it costs 250php 😉

    Are you as OC as I am with your kids haircut?

    ❤ Jessica


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