Glam Jam

06/03/2012 § 2 Comments

Review: Glam Jam in Blush by Snoe Beauty Inc


I’ve been wanting to try these tints because I’ve been crazy bout how cute they are! 🙂 It was also very inviting that they actually have 4 different colors unlike the usual pink, red and purple. I’ve tried all four colors but only got myself the pink one called Blush because it is just the perfect subtle pink which I’ve never seen in other tints and perfect because I was just looking for this color in blushers, tints and lippies. Scarlet is a great natural red glow on the cheeks but I still had two tubes of red tints at home. Crush smells so fresh but it doesn’t look so good on my pale yellow face. Goddess I really wanted to get but I’m not good at contours and this looks like a great contour color for my face but nothing more, so it might be almost useless with me. I almost bought it for the scent! 🙂



  • Subtle pink tint is great for a shy blushing glow
  • pigment is great and build able with layers
  • lasts the whole day on cheeks a good few hours on the lips
  • consistency is creamy and soft
  • very moisturizing especially on the lips as compared to other tints
  • packaging is so pretty and easy to slip anywhere
  • Bubblegum scent is so lovely
  • Dislikes:

  • Pot style is unhygienic and hard to control how much product you get
  • Blending is quite tricky and takes a few practice
  • Could stain clothing
  • Overall, I really do bring this everywhere especially during hot days and swimming. The tint could last through the sweat and water looking fresh with the translucent pink glow going on. Gives me a healthy looking blush and not the I’ve just seen Zac Efron kind of blush :)) I also use this for my lips for a subtle color as if I’m not wearing any lip product, however, it takes a thick layer for the pigment to show on my lips and they are gone after eating. I still like it though because it felt like a lip butter upon application and I don’t end up with cracked lips. It takes a little while to blend this nicely because of the thick consistency but it is worth the practice and not much of a waste cause this only costs a little over 100php 🙂

    Do you also enjoy lip/cheek tints? 😉

    ❤ Jessica


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