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Let’s kick off this new Cat by answering the question asked almost always at the start of almost everything :))

What are your expectations?

well, having to go to med school, from almost bumming around, I do have a LOT of expectations 🙂

  • Better Conversations
  • Either with classmates, upperclassmen, teachers or old friends; I’m really looking forward to conversations where I have something sensible to say, I hear something fresh and new to me AND THEN get amazed at how awesome people around me are when my brain actually works..and by that I mean works hard 🙂

  • Greens and Whites
  • Having to be in white uniform this time in a “Graduate School” means that I can’t continue with my colorful rendezvous. I’m honestly looking forward to making myself work on looking more doctor-ish :)) no it’s not going to be boring..just a little simpler, practical, poised and over all professional 😉

  • Separation Anxiety
  • I know myself and I know how much I will miss sleeping beside baby Mio during weeknights now. I do have to keep reminding myself that this is what would be best for his future and kulang na Lang, I would actually post it it on my forehead because the feeling of missing him too much is still so, overwhelming :/

  • Books & Coffee
  • As much as I enjoy books with coffee, I really would need caffeine again to keep me “able” to read my books, write my notes and try to stuff everything in my head. I’m even taking some memory enhancers just so I could perform better when my brain is actually awake 🙂

  • The Fool Proof Barely There Face
  • Going to school means under the sun driving, cold classrooms, dark eyes from readings, tired hands from writing and a lot of rubbing the sleepy eyes. Which means make up (just cause I cannot live without it) should be able to be very versatile but still very simple..challenge accepted 🙂

  • Doctors Everywhere
  • Why does this matter? Because during the next 5 years I will be surrounded by people who know much much much more about what I wish to be and I should always keep an eye out for the things I’ll be learning from them. Either they inspire me to be like them or let me see things I know I should keep myself a safe distance from..the important thing is to learn from them 🙂

  • Careers
  • Very hunger games huh? 🙂 while all of us are making this life changing decision, only a few are ahead of the game and are out to be the best of the best even if it means making allies or getting on the bad side of others. really looking forward to studying with them so they help me get better at my being a student this time 🙂

  • Death of my Social Life
  • Not because of the busy schedule..we all know we can make time for the things we love but I’d like to take this chance to keep a good distance from parties, shopping, food trips and essentially just going out so I’d have more time to focus on med school and Mio. Prolly I could find time to see my friends, but really not like before..it’s not like I had to little fun dati. Of course I’ll also make time to blog and share with you guys what I’ve been learning recently with life and beauty 🙂

  • Stress and Exhaustion
  • Most obvious ones. Will my face survive free of stress acne? Will I lose or gain weight from stress and destressing? Will I learn better ways to cope with stress such as exercise and meditation? we shall see 😉

  • Weaknesses Old and New
  • Having to embark on a new adventure means I’ll be encountering new obstacles which are going to tickle on my weaknesses and prolly make some new ones after some trials. And because I’ve accepted that fact, I’ll prolly be watching out for them and be able to overcome them one by one 😉

    Obviously, I will not say these things when my professor asks me during the first day but as of tonight, these are what I see coming. Some I’m looking forward to..some I wish I could sleep through but really, I know a lot of new things are about to come and I’m just so blessed for having such an awesome support system all around me (which I might be able to take for granted when times become rough but this is why I’m thanking you now and writing this down to remind me of evryone!) haha! 🙂

    Again, Mom and Dad thank you for this opportunity 🙂

    ❤ Jessica


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    • sofiabanana says:

      How exciting and daunting at the same time! I wish you the best of luck but also believe you don’t need much of it because you’ll fight your way through. Sorry to add on to the pressure by making a film on you! Haha. You’ll choose the schedule, don’t worry! I’ll work on making the concept SOLID so that we only need minimal usap when we’re really doing the interview already. Haha I still don’t have a place to edit btw XD But I’m going to edit a bday video for mio at the same time whenever it happens :3 Good luck to us!

      • True..it feels like fulfilling a dream and stepping into a nightmare! :)) just let me know when were ready to shoot so I can make time within the week or so 🙂 I can give you the copy of Mio’s bday videos to add din 🙂 good luck to all of us! 😉 welcome to almost real life :))

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