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Pulling an all nighter?

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Like most students, I don’t like going to school for an exam after spending a whole night studying for it. However, unlike most students, I always go to my exams and try to hide all the signs of an all Nighter :)) (I’ve gotten used to people who really would tell the world how sleepless one was studying..) no one can blame them though, cause all of us DID have a sleepless night :))

Here’s how i deal with mine 😉

Weapons of choice!! 🙂


Eye Cream: apply this generously around your eyes to keep yourself awake and it’s also a way of saying sorry for how tired you’ve gotten your eyes.


Skin Care mask: the moisture will keep you awake and will help your face look well rested when the sun rises (and you’re still reading your lectures..haha!)


Comfy head band: this will keep your hair from sticking to the mask or distracting your eyes. It also helps anchor the mask because gravity is against you wearing a mask while reading or writing :))


Lol did my face scare you? :))

These are mega simple ways to be good to your skin while being the awesome student that you are 😉

On reviewing tips, these are what I do..don’t judge 🙂

Take down notes and color code important things


Hoard reading materials


Relax your mind and body


Pick a poison (whatever keeps you awake) mine is coffee 😉

I know it’s sometimes impossible to cover everything but at least you tried and stayed up for the important things 😉

Then, pray 🙂

❤ Jessica

SchoolDressCode (04)

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Comfort dressing to relieve stress 🙂


Sheer long-sleeved top + jeggings + flats


No I did not intend my eye bags to show up so big :))


Overslept with a beauty mask on so there’s my swollen face 🙂 at least my skin really did feel super smooth 😉

❤ Jessica

SchoolDressCode (03)

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Excuse the chaos 😉

Don’t you love ginormous bags? 😉


Light denim blazer + white V neck + scarf print trousers


Used my school ballerina flats with this 🙂


Just a clean face cause I woke up and ate and prepped late and slowly that day 😉

❤ Jessica

SchoolDressCode (02)

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Todays the opening of classes, ergo, it’s uniform day or green top day 😉


Green Baggy top + corduroy leggings (very old school..haha!) + black leather ballet flats


Baby pink cheeks + pink lippie + brown cat eye liner


❤ Jessica


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Just another purchase post 🙂


I’ve just purchased the coolest sunnies ever! :))

❤ Jessica

SchoolDressCode (01)

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Because these are the only days in the next five years that I will be dressing “freely” I’ve decided to actually post what I’ll be wearing to school before my uniforms arrive.

Hope this gives girls ideas of what to wear when there is “school dress code”


Girly balloon top + grey and black grunge leggings + black ballet flats 😉


❤ Jessica

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