Wild Cherry Lip Butter

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Review: Wild Cherry Lip Butter by The Body Shop


I know that almost everyone who loves The Body Shop has already tried the lip butters especially this particular miniature of the Wild Cherry Body Butter. Im a fan of body butters for the texture and scent however, I’ve stopped purchasing them because I can’t ever seem to be able to finish the tubs when before they go bad on me. Either I store them in and places or they’re just there for too long already..when my skin got over the dry puberty age, I would only use these very sparingly on very dry spots occasionally (imagine how long a tub would last me then)

I have the same dilemma with the lip butter pots. I can use a pot for months and months and maybe almost years so I try to steer away from piling the stocks up too much. I only use them at nights or mornings that i have cracked up lips. Also, I don’t bring my lip butter pots with me in my purse. I only use them at home to avoid contamination..and this is the only product I don’t share with my sis. I bought her her own lip pot which lasts her ages too so we don’t contaminate each other and shorten the products life span. Just sharing. LOL

I still would like to share this review because this IS my “Holy Grail” lip butter pot..very beauty blogger jargons :))


The Body Shop Wild Cherry Lip Butter is a thick cream (same consistency as the body butters..yes, I know you already knew that) with a hint of pink and a strong but not artificial cherry scent. This moisturizes very well, as in it does not only soften the outermost skin on your lips but you could really feel that it has seeped into the deeper layers making you lips more supple. It has a slight pink sheen finish and a little waxy feeling, as in you would know that you have it on your lips. The pink tint is quite unnoticeable when worn and so this may not work out on it’s own at a natural hint of pink on paler lips.


  • moisturizes very well
  • natural sweet cherry scent which lingers for a while
  • works great all night so I wake up with healthy lips
  • can heal cracked up and peeling lips (cracks that are only superficial, not the break int he skin kind)
  • affordable and easy to purchase
  • packaging. I initially purchased this because it looks exactly the same as the body butter only smaller (I’m a sucker for miniatures and cute stuff)
  • Dislikes:

  • pot is not very hygienic during reapplication
  • does not give a hint of color so I get pale lips with a slight sheen. However, I find this acceptably because it’s a lip butter after all to moisturize (and not color) and it does it’s job quite well.
  • Overall, this is one of my favorite lip products which I would repurchase if I ever finsih the pot. For girls who steer away from pot lip butters, this is still a necessity for very dry lips because it works so well. Just make sure to be extra careful with contamination and this product won’t go bad as early as you think 😉

    ❤ Jessica

    PS Care to share more tips on keeping pot products free from contamination? 🙂


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