Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter

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Review Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter by Palmer’s


Ive been eyeing this little tube from the counters for a couple of days before deciding to get one because I already have enough lip products. However, I still went for it because of the cocoa butter formula which has always been great for my skin and the promise of chocolatey scent..haha!

I’ve first came to know Palmer’s during the time that my belly was growing a little baby boy. I do love the scents that their products have and how they specifically have a few products to cater for mommies who want to keep a healthy skin and not use so much chemicals on their body (they have an Organics which I used to avoid stretch marks.) The products did not only give great texture but also relaxes me and gets me into a calm almost mommy mode.


The packaging is very straight forward and so I don’t have to tell you more why this is great for the skin.


It was however not what I expected (as in a thick brownish glossy cream which comes with a strong chocolatey scent like that of The Body Shop) which may or may not be a good thing cause it wasn’t really much of a disappointment and it wasn’t really much at all. It’s just ok 🙂

Palmer’s Dark Chocolate & Cherry lip butter is a clear glossy liquid that is somewhat like a thick oil but not runny. Seeps into the lips well and moisturizes better than typical lip balms. Leaves a clear glossy finish which could be a great topper for lip colors to ensure moisture and avoid cracks. Starts of with a light chocolatey scent which fades quite too quickly for me.


  • sweet choco scent
  • moisturizing
  • clean fool proof and hygienic packaging
  • Dislikes:

  • glossy (very subjective)
  • choco scent goes away quickly
  • a bit too oily for me. Great for toppers (if you like glossy finish) on the color but not under.
  • no SPF
  • I’ve not much to say cause it’s just ok. It’s moisturizing but nothing very special. I wish the scent lingers longer too. Here’s my item just so you guys see it’s nit new like in the photo I got from google.

    ❤ Jessica


    ❤ Jessica


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