Watsons Girls

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I shall share with you my recent experiences with Watsons salesladies and please consider this as a rant suggestion 😉

Watsons is a pharmacy/personal care store that caters to a wide range of beauty brands..that being said salesladies should be knowledgable in what they are selling and also friendly because obviously, most shoppers would be girlies who want to try and get suggestions for which make up product they plan to purchase

Watsons Girl 1

Me: Miss, do you have the Shine Free Blush?
Wg1: (friendly tone) is this (clear smooth minerals blush) the one you’re looking for?
Me: nope, I’m looking for the pressed one in a green round case..
Wg1: sorry ma’am this is all that we have here.

*she’s nice

Watsons Girl 2 & 3

Me: Miss, do you have this blush in Fresh Rose?
Wg2: (friendly tone) let me check with the other counter..(asks watsons girl 3 for the shade)
Wg3: (friendly tone) ma’am please wait here, I’ll check with the stocks

*they’re both nice and took the effort to do something to help

Watsons Girl 4 & 5

Me: miss do you have the Shine Free blush?
Wg4: (bluntly says) there’s no clear smooth blush.
Then as I was turning away, she sarcastically says to Wg5 “Wala namang blush sa clear smooth diba?” then I suddenly look at them again and she repeated the question in a normal tone
Wg5: hum..I think there is (then points to another rack of goodies where I could find the blush)
Me: yup that’s it. Thanks!

*Wg4 I have something to say to you..

Please know what you are actually selling and be respectful enough when talking to your costumers. Just cause you didn’t know the blush line existed, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist at all. In short..You weren’t very helpful..and you are quite annoying! Hmph!!

And please fix your make up. How will people buy make up from you if you make the make up look bad. LOL evil.

I’m just saying.

❤ Jessica


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