Garnier Pure Active Roll On

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Review: Garnier Pure Active Anti Imperfections Cooling Roll On


This product was released in the Philippines a few months ago I think together with the facial scrub but I hope more products arrive like the interesting looking exfoliator of the same Pure Active line I found on Google šŸ™‚ Endorsed by one of the most beautiful people in the Philippines, I honestly felt a struggle to find an excuse and buy that’s so wrong..buying items for the endorser :))


I only had dad buy the roll on and not the scrub cause 1) we had so many tubes of facial foams and scrubs (one even from Garner Oil Clear) already 2) with cleansers I like keeping mine, bead free 3) I haven’t gotten so much luck with the OilClear one so I’m not gonna risk another not so much used bottle to clutter the sink even more.


Originally, I got this for my sister who had acne problems however, she started a new facial treatment with our Derma so she didn’t get to use it. Exactly one week ago though, I went home from the beach to find two angry pimples on my right brow area and one near my lip (plus a bunch of lumps on my skin which felt like threatening me to break out into acne) FINALLY I could try out this Roll On. I also had to do my self-facial regimen which I’ve blogged about before and a very keen watch and wash and nourish routine.


Upon application:
Cool feeling (so that relieves a little itch)
May sting (like on my lip area but not on my brow)
A scent very likely to a men’s perfume

It did not relieve the redness as claimed in the box (in my case)

Half week through:
The pimples look smaller but with white dried parts in the middle ( like when it’s ok to prick it, but don’t. Just let it dry)
The pimples still are there visible itchy and unconcealable (I was feeling hopeless)

7 days later:
My pimples are now flat
Looks dry with a little peeling
Darkly pigmented (hoping this wont scar if I keep using the roll on)

Therefore..I’d say this I pretty good. I think ive had pimples before that lasted me longer than a week so this product must be working well on me šŸ™‚ I’m sorry there’s not much I can say, I haven’t been very well knowledgeable with pimple and acne stuff lately šŸ™‚ ALTHOUGH don’t use this if you may have had allergic reactions to Salicylic Acid cause it’s the active ingredient here šŸ˜‰

ā¤ Jessica


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