Baby Haul

04/12/2012 § Leave a comment

As Baby Mio turned 1yo already these are a few things I got for him recently 🙂


1) Suction Bottom bowl

Recently, baby Mio has been a little hard to feed because he likes to grab the spoon and bowl then play (or make a mess) with his food. I think it’s normal because they are only trying some autonomy with activites they have gotten used to like eating. This is a great buy for me cause it came with pretty utensils so Mio won’t try to grab the ones we feed him with and the bowl sticks on the table really well so no mess 🙂

2) Toothpaste in strawberry

Mio’s front incisors have already came out so I have four little teeth to watch from cavities. Cavities can affect the baby’s feeding pattern and appetite that’s why I’m very keen on tooth hygiene. This toothpaste does not foam very much which is great for kids because too much am may get them aspirated. This is also safe to swallow. However, I think Mio’s too small to gargle so to avoid him swallowing too much product, I’m planning to use this maybe only every other day and just use water and toothbrush the rest of the time; instead of the suggested twice everyday 🙂


3) Secure Press Plug Protectors

Mio being the curious boy he is have already noticed the many plugs/electrical outlets in all the rooms. Meaning: there have been a lot of chasing already :)) so I go these neat and savvy plug protectors to avoid him inserting various objects into theoutlets and stop playing with them at all. These even came with an easy press mechanism to remove the plug easily 🙂

Other Safety 1st products I use and recommend



❤ Jessica


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