Dr. Oil Solution

04/10/2012 § 4 Comments

I enjoy the time that I’m prepping up: applying make up, doing my hair and dressing up. On regular days, it would take me an hour to get ready..if in a hurry, not less than 30 minutes and if I can take all the time in the world, I turn on the AC and take even up to two hours..hehe! 🙂

That’s why I get so bummed when only an hour from getting ready (as I’m loading up things to the car, or getting Mio ready to go) I already feel my nose grease up and see my face shine..like literally! 😦 I do use average and trusted products on my face but I always have to opt for the “for oily or combination skin” ones. And with the Philippine weather + mommy duties, I cannot blame my make up on letting the oil come through..at least my make up fades only ever so slightly..that’s what I’ve settled on for years having know that I do have very oily skin and scalp 🙂

Fast forward to the time I gave in to Dr. Oil 🙂 Dr. Oil Solution is the skin care/make up line by Etude House that is specifically formulated to control shine on oily skinned individuals like me 🙂


As usual I shall not bore you with the scientific stuff..you can find those stuff from Google 🙂 but I shall tell you that this indeed works 😉

I first tried out the Finishing Pact and was really amazed at how it kept my face matte. As in, hospital personel matte! Lol! What I mean is, this was just so perfect for a clean matte face especially when one is working in places where you will really sweat but is expected to still look fresh and clean all day 🙂 take note: FRESH 🙂

Then I got to try the Dual Primer and man did it not disappoint! 🙂 this is great cause if you want a Dewey glow but still want control on the oilies, this would be the item for you. (considering the fact that the finishing pact is only a transparent finishing powder..ergo: colorless..ergo: minimal coverage) This is also your bet when you use foundies or powders from other brands cause it still very much delivers 🙂

I’m not planning to buy the mist..maybe if I have a few bucks to spend on anything I don’t really like (I just like to shop..not particularly everything I buy, I love..hehe!) and I’m planning to get the BB cream on June..although I’ve just read that the BB cream has minimal coverage so I shall first check that out for my skin and not waste my money cause right now, I’m perfectly contented with my two items 🙂

Will follow up with detailed reviews later 🙂

❤ Jessica

PS this works so well that on days I don't use them, I really feel very uncomfortable with the shine I've almost had all my life :))


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§ 4 Responses to Dr. Oil Solution

  • sjbkk says:

    I have been interested at this product for a long time, maybe I should check it out too 🙂

    Thanks for following! I just followed you back. Cheers x

  • Angel says:

    Ohh I have never heard of this line! Will definitely have to check it out and maybe pick some up when I head to Korea in a couple months! 😀 Thanks for the review! 🙂

    • This beauty boutique is a must visit pretty and very affordable 🙂 online transactions are also allowed so try out the ones you might like from the store and it’s easy to restock after 🙂

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