No Cheat Week: Chore Day

04/06/2012 § Leave a comment

I cannot even remember when I last had a “chore day” or was it during high school when we still had cleaners? Was that even high school? Or middle grades? Nako..

Chore day meant washing the dishes and cleaning the banyo for your assigned was pretty awesome cause I always complain about how the banyo isn’t clean so this was my first chance to show what a clean banyo (in English, bathroom) was πŸ˜‰

I shall not bore you with my “techniques” at keeping the house clean because I won’t be able to do that. I shall simply say something about how much of an eye opener this week was for me.

Having to wash the dishes and clean the bathroom (only) with some sweeping and other errands, my body was in a bit of shock and exhaustion at the end of the day. My palm skin was giving up on me only a little past noon time. I really wasn’t made for this..I’ve gotten so used to having helpers that it was physically stressful for me. Good thing I get rewarded by my sense of accomplishment and a clean house..haha!

My hands are up for all the stay at home mommies out there and all the house help who are happily keeping homes very much “liveable” hehe! I cannot imagine how you guys have the time and energy to clean, cook, do errands and take care of the baby. All the more for those who even have day jobs. You are all so admirable and you all will be great inspirations for me as I’m venturing into mommyhood πŸ™‚

It scares me a little to be away for more than 8 hours everyday even if my only responsibility is to take care of Mio ( and even if I know someone will be taking good care of him while I’m gone) but I still feel like I’ve bitten off too much more than I can chew here. It scares me that I’ll be too exhausted to give Mio my best and not just of the rest. I’m scared to think that I should be devoting most of my day to my chosen career but I know that what I’m doing will be good for Mio’s future. Like what I just heard in the movie “in retrospect” yes I think I will be proud of all the things I want to accomplish for Mio.

Maybe first I should accept the fact that I cannot yet fulfill all the parenting responsibilities I have for Mio and I should be thankful for all the help. I think that I should grab the opportunity for me to reach my dreams first while I let my family help me with school and Mio. I know that i have limited time to build a great life for Mio and I shall work on that instead of keeping my pride to being the most hands on mom ever and then have problems later on when I have to take full responsibility especially on finances.

I shall look forward to the day when I can do chore day with Mio in a little home of our own. Even if it may be 5 or ten years from now, I’ll just have to make the most of each day and when that day comes, I know Mio will also be proud of all the hardwork I am about to get into for him.

Only a few more days and I will be “studying” again. Hoping also that I can squeeze in time for gym and the wish me luck πŸ™‚

❀ Jessica

PS please share with me some advice on how to keep career, home and self at a good balance πŸ™‚


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