Baby Skin Veiling Pact

04/03/2012 § 2 Comments

Review: Baby Skin Veiling Pact from Etude House


I’ve first seen this pact when I was browsing the Etude House beauty book as this product seemed to have sold out pretty well at first so I had to wait for new stocks before I got my hands on the pretty pink pact with SPF I’ve read about thinking, this will be perfect for everyday 🙂 True to my initial thoughts, this has been an everyday staple even only over day cream or on the Baby Skin Foundation 😉


Available in only two shades with a very pretty packaging, this is a very light wear powder with light (when over day cream) to a buildable medium (when over foundation or bb cream) coverage. It had a very mild powdery scent which I really loved but either I’ve gotten too used to it or it’s gone after a month of using it. It’s now just unscented I’s not naman bad smelling 🙂 i like using the puff that comes with this cause it’s super soft and smooth on my skin.

I use this pact almost everyday I’m going out when I need a dewey finish..yes, I find that it does not finish very matte like the Dr. Oil pact. I like the mirror size too, I swear it’s so big compared to the other round compacts 🙂 I however do not bring this around in my bag cause it’s a little bit big for my little pouch and I don’t really do much touch ups when I’m out. It leaves my skin fee soft and smooth, not like the others when I feel like my skin is heavy from the solid layer of makeup on my face. I also find that this tends to pack a little too much when I use it over the BB cream so this is really better when I like the my-skin-only-better finish 🙂


Why I use this almost everyday:

It has SPF
It feels so light and looks so natural
Soft skin and Dewey finish
Does not break me out
Stays a good number of hours on not so hot days
Baby powdery scent and pretty packaging + useful mirror

I hope you guys like this one 🙂

❤ Jessica

PS Whats your my skin only better face powder? 🙂


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§ 2 Responses to Baby Skin Veiling Pact

  • princesagr says:

    The packaging is soooo pretty !♥ I haven’t tried any Etude product yet, since they are not available in Greece, so I only have to order them online.
    Its good that in this specific one, you didn’t post any negative, its just that I don’t know for what color of skin is . I am NC20 in Mac.
    Unforunately, I haven’t found any powder that good. Either they dry my face, or have bad skin color match. So far, I only use elf’s mineral booster, not exactly what I want it for.

    • Sorry I don’t know my skin tone in Mac nor could I recognize them 😦 lol I’m not yet in the Mac league however, I find that this powder could be applied so lightly it’s sometimes almost sheer and it doesnt have a white cast even with SPF. If there were any cons to this, it might be the lack of other shades but this is only a pressed powder much like patting on some loose baby powder on your face, only this pact leaves a Dewey finish. Or maybe that it doesn’t keep the oilies at bay after a few hours but I think that it’s not supposed to, and I like that it doesn’t have to because i think this is supposed to make an even, soft Dewey effect on my skin and it does the job well. Looks very natural 🙂 I have a pale yellowish skin and I almost always get the darker shade with Etude House products. I think the fairer ones are for the Korean white skin which could be equal to very white with cool undertones 😉

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