No Cheat Week: Boxing Them

03/25/2012 § Leave a comment

Welcome to No Cheat Week Day 1 😉

Today, Ate Neng, our helper, left for a week of vacation to attend her sons graduation day. Ate Neng being the best helper ever takes care of everything in the house: cleaning, errands, cooking and the occasional babysitting. And she really does everything in a superb manner which is why I know how much it’s like cheating on chores, errands etc.

I know that even with the helper I should be doing things like making my bed, organizing my clothes, bags, make up etc, washing Mio’s bottles and most importantly, making my cup of coffee..or should I say cups! 🙂 but Ate Neng gets to them before I even try to (lame excuse) I’m just so darn thankful at how helpful she is around all of us here..she’s our house angel.

Because she’s left, I had to make a major clean up of my make up things which she so carefully reorganizes when I leave the house. Im not a pig especially with my make up cause I like them organized for me to easily choose what I like but because the collection grows so fast and I use them everyday, they tend to be a mess sometimes until Ate Neng finds time to put them in order 🙂

I already have my stuff in groups to help me find things but I needed one big case to hold all of them in. Here’s the mess after I’ve collected everything from used bags and separate kikay kits.


Dreadful I know..don’t judge! Ima try to organize everything and prove that I can totes be as responsible as Ate 🙂

This ones a hanging accessories holder which I got from SM Dept. Store where I place all my everyday things like day creams, eye creams, toner mists, sunnies, eye roll ons etc. I feel I might need to buy a bigger one soon..please suggest a good quality one if you know any 🙂


Then this is my make up collection in boxes bought from Saizen. These rather are the make up I like using, other make up are in my Mom’s and sister’s room. They don’t like shopping make up except for their foundation and moisturizers (which are very personal to us cause we have very different skin types) but I get to share with them other stuff I buy but look better on them. Make up never gets wasted in our family. My moms olive skinned, my sister has cool undertones and I’m whatever doesn’t work for me works for either of them :))


Skin care things. I like buying small packs that I can bring anywhere and I could easily dispose cause I have bad feelings with old opened packs..spell contamination :))


Lippies. Most used lip balms on top and everything else goes to the bottom part..because this pack is full, I’m so not buying any more lippies unless it’s the little ones from Sophie 🙂


Blushes and Powders. I like keeping them laid out like this to easily select a different one everyday 🙂


Eye things. I don’t usually fuzz much with my eyes so this box stays at the bottom of my biggest box cause I’m trying to avoid wrinkles and I’ve been avoiding too much color (feeling too matured for colors na on regular days.. lol) besides, I’ve placed my liners, clear and black mascaras, brow pens and concealers already in my everyday hanging thing 🙂


Palettes, Foundation, Big bottles and other things. Since I don’t use foundations and BB creams everyday, I keep them in this big box together with the palettes, bags, and big bottles of toners which I don’t use much.


Accessories. As in makeup, hair and nail tools cause I’m not much of a fan of necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. except for my everyday watch. Buti na Lang, my mom and sister are the ones fond of them so I save my room from more clutter of belts, headbands, scarves, bangles, etc. I just get what I need from their rooms sometimes I even leave them in the bathroom after use (cause Ate Neng puts them abusado much?) :))


Heres how I keep everything together in the biggest box. As you can see, I can’t even put the cover on cause of my big boxes inside. Mom even offered me the next size bigger boz but it already looked like a huge toy chest so I settled with this one. I just made sure that my powders, blushes, lippies and tools are easiest to get to.


Honestly a bit proud of how I made everything fit together (even if I had to throw out some things, others put into my moms and sister’s stash..hehe!) I may be a little disorganized when I’m in a hurry but when I get organized, I sometimes tend to be so OC which is my best mental defect..haha! 🙂

❤ Jessica

PS Watch out, for the next one of the series, tomorrow is my chores day :))

PPS No Cheat Week because the way Ate Neng makes everything easy around the house feels like I'm majorly cheating 😉


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