Too Early to Say

03/21/2012 § 6 Comments


Oh my, all day I’ve been getting quick surprises at how BIG Mio is already!!

So here goes a quick mommy rant on how I’m currently..spell realtime..feeling 😉

Honestly, he’s not a big baby at all..he’s not tall for his age and he’s not fat at all, no matter how my attempts at vitamins could go actually. I really feel that it’s only his cheeks which pack up the “amino acids” I’m trying to build in his body..thank God though this kid is so healthy that he doesn’t get regular fevers and colds like other babies.

Then I try to find reasons why I find him so big..was it 1) how quick he’s been growing ever since he started to play and socialize 2) how quickly he’s learned the things we teach him like from clapping to singing (yes..he sings and I shall prove this with a video on his blog..I’m not just an OA proud 3) because it was his birthday yesterday? But I really doubt that cause whenever someone asks, or I need to think of it, it was kinda hard for me to recall the why?? 🙂

Whatever the reason is, it’s such a pleasant surprise I get when I see him walk (and think he’s so big!) when I dress him up (and think he’s so big!) when he plays with puppies (and i think he’s so big!) whenhe tries to catch peoples attention (and i think he’s so big!) when he can play with toys on his own (and i think he’s so big!) when he sleeps and all I have for comparison to his size is me (select + copy + tap + paste) seriously, do all moms just feel this???

I totes feel like he’s not a baby anymore..he’s now a big baby who will soon be a little kid and then a kid and then he’ll grow up and then he’ll be embarrassed of my momminess to him already!! :)) okay..yes it too early to say that 😉

Hng. Moments. I shall not miss any 🙂 time flies so fast talaga!! 🙂

Okay again..Good night! 😉

❤ Jessica

PS MOMMIES please comment if you've ever felt like this! I need to feel like im



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