Break Ups Equal Hair Cuts

03/11/2012 § Leave a comment

“Haircuts for me is a quickie version of a breakup”

Im not a huge hair person and I dont spend my days hanging out at the hair salon; I prefer the facial center and nail spa. However, Ive always found myself growing my thick hair long, getting a rebond, then cutting real short..and this is the shortest Ive gone..I think.

Why like a break up? Before I get my hair cut short, I spend weeks to months researching the short hair I like, I go to the salon then back out (I would then just get a trim,) while having it cut short already I’m slightly in disbelief, it takes a couple of minutes to sink in and a couple of hours for me to love it again 😀 Just like a break up: months of thinking, attempts to break up, denial then acceptance. hehe.

Its hard for me to break up with my long hair cause I love how girly it is to get to curl it, or iron it flat or my signature ever so high up pony tail. Also, If youve spent hours with me, I have a thing that I cant really keep my hair neat when its down so I make that an excuse to keep touching it especially when Im anxious..hehe 😀

Besides, when my hair is long, I feel like I could do so much with it, when I’m busy, I could easily tie it up, when Im stressed, I destress by playing with it. Just like how I feel about  a relationship; its just easier when you have it cause when you dont, theres just nothing. #emomuch? lol!

Seriously that’s really how I feel when Im getting my hair cut :)) Funny cause coincidentally, as I realized talking with my friends, I find myself on a radical haircut only after breakups :DDD

❤ Jessica

Excuse my face in this breakup moment :'3 LOL

PS Good thing great people handle my hair 😀 Only trusts Justine Barbara Salon when changing my hair style 🙂



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