One Week

03/10/2012 § Leave a comment

Hey there. Ready for a mommy rant? 🙂

It’s only a week now until my baby boy celebrates his first birthday party. I don’t know why but I know I’m a person who makes dates matter. No, I’m not a monthsary counter kind of girl however it’s like I always have deadlines and countdowns 🙂 it helps me kind of start something or end something or realize something when I have a certain date to mark it..yea I’m sentimental like that 🙂


How do I feel?

Excited. I’ve been very hands on with the planning and I love parties. I can’t wait to see my baby have fun on his day. And I can’t wait to show everyone how beautiful and smart my little person is now..he’s really not a baby anymore. Like an adult, he walks, he can’t talk but he can make a lot of sounds and he’s already trying to make gestures to let us know what he wants. I’m so proud of how much he’s been learning about the world :))

Anxious. I don’t know if there would be people who will make me feel awkward. I don’t like din to have to explain why it’s just me and my baby against the world. Srsly. I wish it didn’t become so complicated 😦 (bea beb, if you’re reading this, knows mo na yan)

Proud. Again? :)) I’ve gone a long way with this mommy thing. I’ve learned a few things and I’m yet to learn more but its been a great growth for me. And it only makes me proud cause I know that what’s making me better is better for my baby.

As usual I’m obviously ambivalent but I feel a couple of face masks, nail spa moments and a little more pampering can handle that 🙂 hng. As for now, I’m praying that God knows what’s best for me and I have faith in that. Also I’m quite glad that Mio’s actual birthday will be a little celebration with the family and I’m much excited for that cause I know I’ll be more sentimental (slash that) dramatic then lol

❤ Jessica

I'd love to know how you mommies felt when you're baby was about to turn one 🙂


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