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Review: Bench Organics: Coffee & Honey, Milk with Papaya


Have you tried the Bench Organics Line? This line includes bar soap, shower creme (not in photo) and lotion (not in photo) The Oatmilk Shower Creme in the photo is not part of the line hence a separate review (together with the body scrub.)

In general, this line is very affordable at around 80php for the shower creme & 60php for the bar soap. The scents are amazing and they really leave your skin feeling very soft and smooth (I’ve tried the bar soap and shower creme.)

However if I were to choose between the bar or creme, I’d rather go with the shower creme because the scents last much longer and the bottle lasted me a good month, while the bar soaps only almost a couple of weeks. Its a given though that organic bar soaps melt really fast so nothing we can do about that šŸ™‚

For the first few days of using these products, Ive forgotten to use my lotion after shower cause my skin felt so soft and smooth already. Thats true for both the bar soap and shower cream.

In the shower, I found that the shower cremes had much stronger scents so I like that better but for those who like the subtle scents in bath products, the bar soap is for you.

Im sorry I didnt get to photograph but the shower cremes were mid thick and mid runny, just right for the bath sponge to grab and lather easily. The bar soaps were soft on the skin, melts easily and lathers quite even better than the creme one šŸ™‚

Im sure ill repurchase these lines again but im still thinking between getting the shower creme (lasts longer and with stronger scents) or the bar soap (lathers better and easier to use.) as for now, I’m using the Oatmilk line which I shall share my thoughts on soon šŸ™‚

ā¤ Jessica

PS. Ive been trying to be less wordy on my posts so Id love to know if you like posts like these better šŸ™‚


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