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Tonight Ill share with you my At-home-facial-routine which I do almost every week 😉

You guys know I do love Lynderm and all their treatments work..also, If you’re from the Philippines then you’d know that they are very affordable and great for students like me. However, I won’t really get treatments if not for my mom paying because I’d rather spend my money with products which I can use for more than just one facial treatment 🙂 Also, being a young mommy doesn’t give me so much free time to spend away from Baby Mio 🙂

Say hello to my bare face after a long sunny day 😉


I can’t say that I have perfect skin right now however I can say that it’s clear and leaning on the fair side. Yes I’m still wishing that it won’t be so dull so I can really go out with a bare face but like I said, still wishing. People do commend me for having such clear skin though and how fair it has gotten compared to my high school days (when long showers were as far as my skin care goes.) On that note, I always feel a little flattered about it and thankful that my skin care routine works FOR ME. (different skin types react differently to certain products so try this at your own risk :p)

I’d love to share this because 1) <it's so savvy it’s great for students and young professionals 2) I’d like to hear your opinion because I might be too harsh on my skin 3) I’d like girls, especially those on the road to their perfect skin, to know that clear skin goes beyond good genes and tame hormones, it takes a lot of skin care.

I’ve been through the age when I had pimples all over my forehead, chest and back. I’ve also gone to the dermatologist and experienced awful pricks with the painful sting of medications into each and every pimple of my face and body; then come out the clinic not with the perfect skin but with a swollen face from all the damage the syringe caused me (not to mention the cool pads covered with bloody spots from all over my face.) Yes people, why do we even go through such things just for the sake of clear skin?

Now here’s the easier fix 🙂

Start out with a freshly washed face, you can use any facial wash you prefer 🙂 then use once a toner which is not too harsh for your skin, just so you really get a deep cleaning and a good pore conditioning before starting. I use Etude House Wonder Pore Refreshener which I’ve gotten as a free sample. Will be purchasing when I finish this bottle 🙂


Massage a moisturizer or just let the toner seep into your face if it’s not very drying. The Wonder Pore toner leaves my face bit moisturizes so I just went with it and slathered on my Sophie Exfoliating Peel Off Mask. This has a cool feeling when applied, dries in 20-30 minutes and is a bit difficult to remove especially when u have a lot of facial hair. The trick around it is to use a water based gel moisturizer right before applying the mask to avoid the mask to cling to the fine hair. This leaves the face feeling very clean from dead skin and unwanted oiliness.


I use this next toner as in my DIY facial mist (with Evian plus Ponds Oil Solution in an atomizer) it gives the toner the needed buffeting because toners tend to be too strong on my skin. I can’t skip this toner though because I love how it tightens my pores, feels cool on the skin and leaves the skin well hydrated.


Next I use a second peel off mask, Garnier lightening peel off mask, which feels very nourishing on my skin. It’s not like the Exfoliating Peel Off Mask which feels like a layer of dead skin and blackheads were removed with the mask. When applied, this is very cool and citrusy. I love the citrus smell that lasts for hours (I fell asleep with this mask I love the brightening effect and the moisture it leaves on my skin after peeling it off very easily. However, in the long run, the citrus smell starts to get too strong for me.


The last one I use and really sleep with is theCollagen Eye Patches from Etude House. I’ve been using an eye cream from the same brand and I feel that it’s working but very slowly..however, whenever I use this eye patch, the results show up quite noticeable so quickly! 🙂 that is smoothing of eye wrinkles..yes eye wrinkles and not just fine lines. This is advised to be used every 2 days so maybe it would really help diminish unwanted under eye lines, however, I don’t have the money to spend like that, if you do, I suggest you try this 🙂 as for me, I’ll stick to my weekly treatment 😉 I have no idea if it’s even possible or human (exaggerating) to actually diminish all under eye lines like mine..I’ve had them forever and im thinking maybe only Korean eyes have the right not to have under eye! 🙂


There goes my extremely wordy post but in reality, this routine is very easy and it honestly keeps my face clear of unwanted marks 🙂

❤ Jessica

Ps. Let me know if ouve tried the products here and how they worked for you 😉


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