The Valkyries

02/20/2012 § Leave a comment

This will tell about my experience with Coelho’s The Valkyries.

Warning: this is some personal drama. Lol

Last Friday (it’s Monday at 1am right now) I was meaning to finally read The Alchemist but to my surprise, I only had The Valkyries in my bag. I would always bring two books with me, one for me to read, the other an extra if I finish the book early, just for times when I have to kill time. Desperate for an escape to calm my nerves for an emotionally dreadful day, I settled with it.

Funny how I seemed to be deeply getting into it as I was reading more and more. A huge part of it I realize now as I’m looking back might have been because it was written in a way that Paulo was the character. I don’t believe this was the fastest Coelho novel I’ve finished but I finished it in three readings, skipping on Saturday and almost Sunday; and when I was reading it, it felt like time really slowed down for me. It felt like I was there watching the journey while in real life I’ve only spent a couple of hours reading. I was surprised I finished it seems like it contains so much stories. That’s how much I got into it.

Funny too how fate somehow caused me to start reading this book and how the book told a lot about believing. Funniest, it taught a great deal about forgiveness and hope. Two things I’ve always thought I’ve been gifted with and two things I felt I’ve lost when faced with my most recent battles. The book told me things I needed to hear. The book told me things I’ve been telling myself over and over. I don’t know but it gave me a huge slice in the heart. Like it was so real for me too.

I’ve been reading a lot of Coelho books since college because he would always be telling stories in the way that my thoughts and ideals would completely agree with, especially when I always feel like people do not understand me. Lately, I’ve been reading ang blogging because I feel like I’ve completely lost who I knew I was.

However, this book really said so much of those words I needed to hear. It makes me want to cry because it was as if the book knew how I felt and how to help me..and that hasn’t happened for the longest time I’ve been in this misery.

Of course, things were not fixed and wounds did not simply heal by reading those words; but the reality of it for me is so overwhelming that I do feel so grateful that Paulo Coelho has written it.

** I feel like I’m having delusions of reference but maybe that’s how books are supposed to work..or not.

Anyway, I’m deeply grateful for Coelho and all the other great authors who touch our hearts, minds and souls.

❤ Jessica

PS. I'm sorry this is just a huge emotional rant.


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