DIY Facial Spray

02/16/2012 § Leave a comment

Hi there! As you can see, I’m currently in the bathroom because I will be writing this post as I’m preparing my DIY Facial Mist 😉


Im gonna use these things I just bought which costs 88 + 58 + 89 + 36 pesos only. You do the math 😉


Here we go..

1) clean the atomizer with soap and water. Wipe it dry then add a very little amount of alcohol inside it, shake then spray to make sure whatever will touch your face was cleaned with alcohol 😉 let them sit for a while to dry.


While waiting for it to dry I’ll tell you why I decided to make my own facial spray. I’ve always wanted to buy a facial spray but I feel that I can’t choose which one I like because I’m scared of the fragranced ones because they might make me break out. I also feel that the prices are quite high for something that I won’t be using so often and won’t really do much but “set” my make up and refresh my face.

This version of mine (personalized to my preferred contents) will be composed of Evian Mineral water and Ponds pore control toner.


2) pour 1 part toner and 3 parts water into the atomizer. I’d like to do this because I feel that the toner might be too strong for a mist and I chose Evian because I’ve read that their water is great for facial sprays 🙂


I also chose the Oil Solution variant from Ponds because as I was going to weak this over make up, I wouldn’t want my excited glands to be acting up. AND it has menthol! 😉

3) close the atomizer and keep the rest of your unused ingredients when you need a refill as the proportion can make a 700ml facial spray (you’re going to need another 100ml toner bottle to dilute into the last 250 ml of your evian water bottle.)

Don’t forget to shake the bottle before use and spritz away! 😉


❤ Jessica

PS For the beauty chemists out there: Let me know if there was a step I did that could be bad for the quality of the facial spray 🙂


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