The Story Of Us

02/15/2012 § 11 Comments

This one I’m posting cause I feel like 1) it’s a great love story 2) I’d like to share what happened just so maybe I could get it off my head already (or maybe it’ll just remind me even more of the “things” but wth) here it goes πŸ™‚

Contrary to what people assume, back in college days, dating different people and testing out the waters is not something I was into. When I meet someone, they automatically fall into friends or not friends. And so I don’t play that stupid game where the girls say one thing but show you another. Of course I had my fair share of ligawan dilemmas however I did not make paasa those I know would make good friendships with me. Of course, still, I try to make good friendships first before getting into the dating zone with the ones I know I’d like to spend a deeper relationship with. Honestly, in my life, there were just 3 guys I’ve felt this way with.

I entered college with my second boyfriend but we studied in different universities. Ergo, eventually, our 4 year relationship ended soon after my 18th birthday. It was a great experience though, cause with him I shared my transition from being a girl into a young lady. I shared with him a friendship I found hard to have with my other friends because we were so caught up on our goals, only he would pay a very special attention to me. Of course, there were difficult times throughout our relationship but I’m proud to have seen how we grew mature from our petty high school issues. I was just really thankful to have had his company throughout my transition years and when it was time for us to go on our different lives, it happened in a way that we knew that’s what was good for us.

After such a long (first serious) relationship, and just in time as I was legal to drive, party, etc.; my friends and I got on a very special ride. Thanking our breakups (we all became single one after the other,) I’ve founded a great friendship with my Bs πŸ˜‰ My friends and I had a blast doing all things girly and all girl nights out! πŸ™‚ Honestly, this time, if I did hung out with a guy, I was just passing time until my friends got out of their classes (Bs I’m sure you know who these people are ;))

Or maybe I was just saving myself for this one guy I’ve been eyeing on quite a while now because of how much he’s inspired me with his pick me up texts when I felt really sad on holidays. πŸ™‚ Of course, at first, I took all the precautions I needed to make sure I was going to invest feelings into a relationship worth my all. Obviously, I only call someone my boyfriend when I know I could spend some good generations with him. I don’t go into relationships which I do not see myself in after 10 or 20 years. true enough, just when I wasn’t looking for love, love had found me. And what a whimsical tale it was from day one! πŸ™‚

As I learned that love did not depend on expectations, I took a jump off a cliff because it felt so special that even if it wouldn’t last me generations, I knew he was worth my all no matter how little the time we had (but for sure, I always tried and hoped and prayed that we would indeed last forever.)

It was such a great adventure for me because people all around us felt how much love we had for each other. We did not have to be sweet as we were used to hanging out as friends with all our other friends before he asked me to be committed to him; however people from different ages could tell that yes, we were in love. The adventure for me was not only about the relationship but also about life, food, places and more. As I was used to my pampering comfort zones, and he was in a very different lifestyle, I enjoyed trying out new things with him. Food, work, traveling: I felt that I’ve grown so much more spending my last years of teenage with him.

A time came when we thought we’d call it quits and although it was difficult to stay away from him, we accepted it quite gracefully because so many happy memories happened compared to the confusion about our relationship he felt. Maybe he was starting to have a quarter life crisis, I figured. Eventually, having spent so much time together and enjoying doing the same things, we found ourselves spending more and more time together again and started denying that a first breakup ever did happen :)) it was a funny and sweet event in which we’ve forgotten the reason why at first, it did not work out.

A few months after our anniversary, I found myself pregnant and we did our fair share of getting ready for the baby. In the midst of my graduation would be delayed and board exams would have to wait and all the other complications I had to deal with; we were blessed that he had gotten a better job (and pay) and he was looking a bit more and more prepared for our angel. For me, I only knew that my unexpected baby was the fruit of a love very real and very true and that was enough for me to make sure I’ll forever give this little angel my all.

Summer last year was greeted with our little baby. It was such a great feeling to be setting foot into another adventure with him. Another road we don’t know but we dared to face because we knew that it was worth our best. Mio was a great blessing for all of us and we had grown into a young family doing things our style. Of course like any other families, another family will never understand another because they were raised differently and so with ours, we did what felt like the best for Mio all the time. As for me, I knew we may not have been perfect as we were clueless but we did try our best.

A few more months passed until we found ourselves not anymore able to cope with the stress from everything until we simply did not see each other since. Funny. It wasn’t even money, health or any other problems that would really come to a point that it was virtually unsolveable. Although I may still be wishing that he’s come back home and never to leave again, some wishes just don’t come true.

After everything that has happened, Im blessed to have good memories with me. I’m blessed to have my family and friends support me all the way. I’m blessed to be able to make more great memories with baby Mio.

❀ Jessica

PS I'd love to hear your thoughts about this πŸ™‚ and BTW this is "For you who ask"



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  • You stopped by mom blog today; I’m glad you did. Mio is very cute! πŸ™‚

  • that should be MY blog……I was thinking about the baby and “mom” typed out. LOL

  • k Elizabeth says:

    Your baby Mio is absolutely beautiful, precious and a gift! Bless you both. πŸ™‚

  • Mio is adorable Jessica! I’m sure you make an excellent mother! Congratulations!

  • ang cute ng baby mo dear

  • sofiabanana says:

    this left tears in my eyes. i witnessed how real your love was and my heart still breaks that it has to end and i feel really bitin about it. i know in person i always tell you “ikaw na lang! you don’t need him” etc etc and it’s true, i know you can do it. but its i guess also me trying to not communicate my personal disappointment in the matter. i really secretly wanted you guys to make it. not because of the fantasy-ness of it all but because i genuinely saw how much you loved him and i want you to stay that happy and in love forever. </3 but you're right. the love was real and it was beautiful that it happened at all. as a real life fan of the way you loved him i still have hopes that he will one day just *click* figure it all out and feel confident about coming back. he was just afraid after all (i think). he is not a bad person. but this isn't about me and my disappointments, and that's why i like to just talk about how great you are doing. on your own. because you are. you're wonderful, and strong, and amazing.

    • Oh beb really trying to kill the hopes in’s my Lenten season goal pati narin to stop buying beauty things lol. All I can do now is pray a bunch bunch bunch bunch πŸ™‚ see you soon! Twas really wonderful while it lasted πŸ™‚

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