Cumacollege Days

02/14/2012 § Leave a comment

Happy Valentines day! I’d like to share with you why I did not get to write my Vday inspired make up look yesterday..

Its the Medical University week and I had to stay in school late in the afternoon watching the pageant and the competitions among the health courses..ergo, I had no time to write my blog post when I got home tired and starving. Surprisingly though, yesterday was quite inspiring. I’m glad to have spent another year in college, I’ve learned a lot. And it’s gotten me more excited for June 😉

It was great to watch the pageant seeing so many beautiful faces and witty intros, I feel like although I may love trying new things, having to face people nd supposedly showing off your beauty and brains is not for me! 🙂 some of them weren’t very tall, weren’t very pretty, weren’t very typical beauty contest types however they got me awed with their charm and confidence 😉


The dance competition (which I have no photo of) was really entertaining. All the colleges were impressive. Judging by the winner, it’s really not the complicated choreography that makes a dance entertaining. It’s the aliw factor from the unexpected tunes and the joy the dancers feel when they are performing.

They made me inspired to be quite active next school year 😉

College was so fun for me because I loved what I was learning about and I loved spending time with m friends after school. Next time I will be spending more after school time with school activities before going home to Mio 🙂 Sanaa talaga I could do those! 😉

For you, make the most of the things you do while you’re doing them. If you’re in school, do great in school while you can. Do after school activities and join organizations while you can because when college is over, you might have missed out on the fun. If you’re working, do great in your job. Get along well with your officemates. Be smart with the money you make. If you’re a parent, do great with your family. Give them you’re best and not only what’s left of you after work, etc.

Let’s make the most of what were doing now because we are so blessed to have had the opportunity! 😉


❤ Jessica

PS. Here are my college frosh friends! 😉



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