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01/30/2012 § 2 Comments

If you’re following me on twitter (@notablyjessica) then you must’ve gotten sick of my face with twisted plastic things around :)) I’m just trying to make the most of my long hair before I get my summer hair, that is very short hair. 🙂

Therefore how to get curls at home

What I used




But of course you can use any kind of curling tools you’d prefer like little rollers or bendy foams 😉

This is my hair now when let to dry on it’s own..Disclaimer: excuse my pale face I only wore powder and tinted lip balm here :p


Then I take a section of hair, spread a little setting lotion, then put on these plastic things.


I love these and rollers cause you still look cute while you have them! I did my nails for around 20 minutes while I waited for my hair to dry..then I pulled out the spiral things 😉


Forever feeling silly taking iPad photos :))

My curls lasted a couple of hours considering that I’ve recently gotten my hair rebonded and I used very little setting lotion, so I’m happy 😉 I’d suggest you try this if you’re unsure if you want a permed curly hair 🙂 this is quick, easy and very budget friendly 🙂 you can easily squeeze this into your morning make up routine 🙂

❤ Jessica

Ps. What tools do you use to get a home curled mane? 🙂


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