Nivea Soft Rose

01/20/2012 § 4 Comments

Review: Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm


Product details by company:

Protects your lips with precious natural ingredients and a delicate rose scent and gives a velvety smooth feel, while shielding your lips from the elements.

Price: 100php (not sure but near that :D)

Packaging: Really chose this particular stick among the wide range of Nivea Lip Care products cause of its unique shape. The cap doesnt come off easily in my purse so Its a plus. This twists up and down very easily like lipsticks do. I love it that it’s a thick stick inside unlike the other lip balms.

Application: This glides on very smoothly like it leaves a thin coat of cream on your lips. I usually dont like that residue feeling but Ill make an exception for Nivea cause its not sticky or oily and the scent is so wonderful! 🙂 I love how this smells like rose pastries 😀 I sometime even layer this over my Burt’s Bees to kill the strong sweet mango flavor 🙂

Tint: This leaves a thin layer of pink sheen on my lips. A bit too light for me cause I’m more pale and yellow but I use this at home or with lipsticks so its fine. The tint doesn’t last long though.

Moisture: This is my best pick for moisture because it moisturizes and KEEPS lips moisturized for a longer time than most lip balms. I put this on in the morning and at night then I don’t retouch anymore cause my lips don’t feel dry the rest of the time. I highly recommend this for those with dry lips.


I love this for 1) the scent 2) the moisturizing power 3) the staying power 4)the amount of lip balm inside 5) and how thick the stick is so it wont easily break 🙂 This would really be great for those with dry lips. This is a must in your lip care there are a lot of flavor’s to choose from 🙂

Comparison photos:

Bare Lips

Soft Rose


❤ Jessica

PS. Have you tried the other variants from the Nivea Lip Care line?



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§ 4 Responses to Nivea Soft Rose

  • Riordan says:

    I’ve tried the Pure & Natural Milk and Honey one! That one of the best ones out of the Lip Care range! I’ve tried the Essential Care one (Kiss of Moisture; Dark blue one!). This is very good, creamy + probably the thickest one out of all the range. The Hydro Care (Kiss of Smoothness; Light blue one!). This is one is probably the most preferred lip balm from Nivea (along with the regular essential care one), keeps your lips moisturised. Two active ingredients: pure water + aloe vera. Very hydrating.
    Personally I like the Essential Care for its long lasting effects (and sometimes I like a thick lip balm for use overnight). I’ve only bought the Hydro Care once. Liked it. Will try it out again soon. The Milk and Honey lip balm is probably favourite one, I guess :/ makes my lips quite soft, smooth + moisturises well.

    But. I LOVE BURTS BEES! And Carmex is great too! The original Burts Bees, Mango, Pomegranate and Acai Berry ones are all great! Prefer the original, and mango or acai berry for night! Had the pomegranate, wasn’t as good as the other, don’t know why, but I love all the burts bees! Even the pomegranate! All are amazing! You should try them all! :Dx

  • Trust me, Burt’s Bees is amazing, Nivea are also great, but I prefer Burt’s Bees. Not only because they’re natural, but because they soften the lips more, make them more redder/healthier, etc, and your lips are smoothed, with less lines on them! Etc Etc!

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