Human Nature Lip Balm

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Review: Human Nature Peppermint Lip Balm & Pink Orchid Tinted Lip Balm


Product details by company:

On 100% Natural Lip Balm – Kiss your worries away! Our better-than-ever all-natural lip balms are made only with the finest blend of cocoa butter and pure plant oils. Experience the smoother, softer glide and the mouth-watering natural flavors that will surely keep you reaching for your lip balm again and again…and again! It’s totally guilt-free because with no mineral oil, petrolatum or paraffin, you’re assured that you’re not ingesting any nasty stuff.

On 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm – Enjoy the goodness of our best-selling lip balms with a hint of pink, coral and red tints! Our 100% natural lip balms are made from a unique combination of beeswax, sunflower seed oil, passion fruit seed oil, avocado oil and calendula extract to offer nourishing protection in a yummy watermelon flavor. Now with cocoa butter for even softer, more moisturized lips! Feel good knowing that the natural-looking lip color comes from natural minerals and not carmine – the red pigment in most lipsticks and tints that comes from crushed insects!


Price: 70php (Peppermint) 80php (Pink Orchid)

Packaging: I find the packaging OK. This doesnt seem to be easily peeled of but these are sold without in not even a narrow tape like those if Etude House so we cant be sure how many times they have been opened (especially cause these caps easily come of inside the purse.) Good thing its easy to tell if a lip balm has been used already. The twisting bottoms are easy to use also but I’ve heard they are difficult to be twisted back down.

Application: Glides on easily; the Peppermint one feels like a thin layer of light oil while the tinted one feels like a very light cream. Both don’t bother me. The scents are OK too, so yes, they are a bit scented of natural oils I presume. The Peppermint one feels cool for a couple of minutes while the Pink Orchid feels a light cool sensation for a shorter while.

Tint: The Peppermint is clear..a little bit of white wax like film may show if applied thickly (so is the Choco Fudge which I have tried but sorry no photos.) The Pink orchid leaves a sheer layer of a deep pink pigment which for me lasts the whole day.

Moisture: Doesnt feel heavy on the lips but keeps them moisturized for maybe 4 hours. I dont have very dry lips, but I retouched, when I used this alone, every after eating.

I would recommend these to those on a budget and would want to keep their lip care organic. I recommend the tinted ones for days when we have to give our lips a break from the lipsticks. I like these lip balms, theyre very sulit for your money 🙂

Comparison photos:

Bare Lips

Pink Orchid Tinted Lip Balm

❤ Jessica

PS. Aren’t you proud of these 100% Pinoy & 100% Organic brands coming out? 🙂


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