Loreal Paris Total Repair 5

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Review: Loreal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner

First of, honestly, I wouldn’t second look this product (cause it costs more than my regular shampoo) but because of this ad right here..I was sure to get myself bottles lol :))


I first tried the Smooth Intense variant of this a few months ago and I loved it. Right after shampooing, my hair was so smooth and silky as if post hot oil treatment. The conditioner helped on the manageability of my hair; as in no need to brush it until dry or blow dry but you still end up with a stepped-out-of-the-salon hair 🙂

Borrowed this photo from one of my favorite blogs 🙂 visit Askmewhats.com 😉

On to the Total Repair 5 variant, I bought this because 1) I had my hair rebonded in November and my ends are so bad 2) these went on a 99peso sale 3) I wanted Ann Curtis like hair..lol (I was even asking for my hair to be colored like hers when I got my hair treated..haha)


When I used the shampoo, it was quite a surprise that I only needed a little amount of it considering my hair length and thickness. Also it wasn’t too malagkit when I rinsed it off my hair (every time I get a rebond, my hair really gets very malagkit as in sticky/clingy? (I suddenly feel like I have a bad vocab haha!) With the use of the conditioner, I get a very silky smooth (opposite of malagkit for better understanding..hahaha) finish. What I really loved was that my zigzag ends were manageable at the first week and then gone after a few weeks of usage 😉 it also surprised me that I didn’t have to use any anti dandruff product during my first 2 months of usage from the tine I got my hair rebonded. That is 1) I’ve been using anti dandruff products since I hit puberty and ive come to accept my dandruff prone scalp lol 2) after the 2 months of usage I’m already starting to have itchy scalp which may be because of the holiday stress and pollution or the fact that I used the Loreal total repair 5 shampoo and conditioner for two months without any anti dandruff treatments.

I love this shampoo & conditioner duo because they:
1) left my hair very smooth and silky amidst my rebond treatment
2) got rid of my zigzag ends
3) made my hair thick and healthy feeling post rebond treatment
4) went well with my newly colored hair as in did not fade and made the color look more natural

I didnt like that this duo is:
1) pricier than most shampoos
2) in a bottle that keeps falling to it’s sides (or is that just me?)
3) giving me an itchy scalp after 2 months of usage

Side note: I feel like I need to tell you what happens to my hair after a rebond treatment and why this shampoo is such a great find for me 🙂 the good stuff: 1) It gets rid of my frizz 2) makes my hair really flat as if it was ironed everyday 3) makes my hair instantly longer the bad stuff 1) split ends galore 2) sticky/clingy or hard to manage hair if without conditioner 3) makes my hair too flat and unhealthy looking sometimes 4) makes my scalp more dandruff prone 😉

In general, I still use this only together with a dandruff treatment now and I greatly recommend this for those who have damaged or treated hair 🙂

❤ Jessica

Ps. Have you tried the Loreal shampoo/conditioner?


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