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Get Curly

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If you’re following me on twitter (@notablyjessica) then you must’ve gotten sick of my face with twisted plastic things around :)) I’m just trying to make the most of my long hair before I get my summer hair, that is very short hair. 🙂

Therefore how to get curls at home

What I used




But of course you can use any kind of curling tools you’d prefer like little rollers or bendy foams 😉

This is my hair now when let to dry on it’s own..Disclaimer: excuse my pale face I only wore powder and tinted lip balm here :p


Then I take a section of hair, spread a little setting lotion, then put on these plastic things.


I love these and rollers cause you still look cute while you have them! I did my nails for around 20 minutes while I waited for my hair to dry..then I pulled out the spiral things 😉


Forever feeling silly taking iPad photos :))

My curls lasted a couple of hours considering that I’ve recently gotten my hair rebonded and I used very little setting lotion, so I’m happy 😉 I’d suggest you try this if you’re unsure if you want a permed curly hair 🙂 this is quick, easy and very budget friendly 🙂 you can easily squeeze this into your morning make up routine 🙂

❤ Jessica

Ps. What tools do you use to get a home curled mane? 🙂

For those who don’t know yet

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I’m writing this for you cause I really want to let you know.

However, I cant just approach you and talk cause 1) I know you dont wanna talk 2) you might feel like everyone’s just trying to tell you what you should do 3) why should you believe me when i too had a lot of wrong decisions made? 4) we’ve had this conversation before but today I’m writing it down so you can read it again and again instead of us telling u again and again. I’d also like to share this to my readers cause I’m pretty sure at one point or another, you’ve gone through something like this 😉

First, I only know this because I love you too much to not care and think hard for your sake. I know how you feel. And I know feelings are not very easy to control, but actions are. Really, I’m not telling you you’re too young to love or you have no idea what real love is in spite of your age. I know love can be so strong at such young age. However, I wish you’d also see the love for your family and the love for your self. If you are telling me that you know what you’re feeling is love, then prolly, you can tell how much love you have for your past and your future. Love is such a big word, and it only gets bigger as you grow older. Please, give yourself a chance to really get to know love beyond the fleeting smitten feeling. Give yourself that chance just so you get more of the love you have now.

Second, I’m just very scared. I’m very scared that you’re investing your time in the wrong things. Instead of having to focus on school and youth, I feel like you have this love above everything else. College, aside from the fact that you’re in college to get a degree for your future carreer, is about getting to know your self, getting ready for a life on your own, getting to know real friends and getting to fall in love. And dami nun and you might be missing out on other things cause of this. Stop wasting your time trying to hurry with things that should be worth the wait.

Third, i wouldn’t be feeling so badly about this if it hadn’t be for the “trouble” this ad caused you. All the while, I thought you knew what was good for you considering how young you still are. Anyway, a huge damage has been done and it’s over so nothing we could do to take that back. I just dont understand why you did not even take the time to make up for it or at least be sorry for it. No, you don’t have to get depressed over it, that is not helpful pero out of respect for the hurt you’ve caused everyone,was it too much to ask for you to show how much you’d want to make up for it? Are you just letting that crack go deeper and deeper until there’s just no going back anymore and before you know it, it has already torn you too far apart from your family?

Fourth, I know how it feels to love but for what’s better, people have forced me to keep that love to myself and hope for what’s good for the family. Honestly, I still feel the struggle right now. Every minute actually, but how can I keep a love that hurts so many people? How can I keep loving a person who hurts everyone who loves me? In my rational mind, I know all the reasons why I should stop. And because it’s too difficult everyday I still repeat these things over and over until I stop feeling sorry for myself. I can’t stop loving someone. But I can stop all the things I did for that love that hurts the people who love me.It’s difficult and it’s not something that stops when I want to, but it’s not a question of love anymore. It’s a question of the good thing to do.

I know it’s been sounding like this is a battle for your family but in truth, I find these things helpful for you. Having to stick with the love of your family is something very hard to do cause 1) they want the best for us 2) the good things fir us aren’t always the fun and easy things. But that’s exactly the case. Having to go through what’s difficult because you’re currently faced with a trial is what would make you strong. Not only strong but stronger, wiser and better. Cherish the love for your family because after the smitten years, the wedding, the couple phase, it would always come down to being a family and your love for your own family. The kilig would pass, and then what will you have? If the love you know is this smitten feeling, what will you do when real problems come up? Like the problem you SHOULD be facing right now?

Take this challege to let yourself grow. If this is the time that youve gotten yourself in trouble the this is not YET the time for that. This is your chance to be better. Everyone who has gotten hurt has been again supporting you so you can be better. But why are you doing this to us now? I’m not asking you to stop. I’m asking you to think hard to know what should be done.

About the title: this is because you are yet to know why we try over and over to tell you these things. But I know one day you’ll get it.

ps. You’ll know this is for you because


Jessica had a crazy dream

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Woke up today from a cray cray dream 🙂

It’s crazy confusing that is. Ive had a dream like this before, well I’ve been having these dreams..and the pattern would always be like..1) I see an ex 2) I get mixed feelings 3) I feel ok4) when the ex comes closer, he transforms into another ex :)) funny everyone knows I only had 3 so, your guess who they are! :))


I just remembered cause I’m in Nail-a-holics right now and the place is so cozy I feel like’s so suiting that they named the salon Nail-a-holics cause their services are really addicting..I’ve been going back here once every week since the year started..they’ve got me hooked! 🙂

Just gonna share some photos now while my hands are free 🙂




I’ll share more photos and reviews next time 😉 Have a great weekend! 🙂

❤ Jessica

Ps. Please comment if you have any interpretations about my dream 🙂

You, Sleeping

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January Skin Care

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Since I’ve gotten great feedbacks on my skin lately in spite the holiday stresses, I’ll be sharing with you what I might be doing right; and for you to let me know if I’m doing something bad for my skin 😉

I start the mornings with Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Peach Tea from Etude House which cleans and whitens my face really well and gently enough 🙂


Then I use Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On to get rid of the puffiness. On days that I feel like I need an extra coverage for dark under eyes I use the Garnier Light BB Roll On over my eye cream 🙂


I use this eye cream in the morning and at night cause I’m trying to get rid of my under eye lines ( if that’s even possible.) I purchased the Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream From Etude House last December and I think I’m not even half through it so I think this is a great save 🙂 I’ve also noticed an improvement with my under eye lines; however, theyre obviously still there :))


Then I use Olay Natiral White Healthy Fairness Light day cream as moisturizer, sun protection and make up base on usual days. I like that it’s very light on the skin however this cannot stop my oily face from showing after a couple of hours getting stressed.


On cooler days I opt to use Ponds White Beauty Naturals day cream because this ones lighter than Olay and this gets too sticky on hot sunny days. I love it cause it’s a little soothing and very moisturizing for my skin 🙂


At night, I wash my face with Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Aloe Tea from Etude House because I like it’s extra moisturizing properties. This also washes away my waterproof mascara easily 🙂


When I wore heavy make up during the day and all day, I use Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Mattifying Toner on my T zone and cheeks. I’m not a huge fan of toners cause I don’t like too much chemicals drying out my face but this one makes my skin really soft and hydrated while I see dirt picked up by my cotton. It comes in a not so clear bottle because this one has powder inside the liquid which can mattify the face even without using pressed/loose powder.


If my face feels dry, I use Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration facial moisturizer in a very little amount just to supply hydration to last the whole night; a little goes a long way with this product. I love it cause it’s very simple, affordable and it’s water based..meaning this is very easy to be absorbed and it won’t aggravate my oiliness.


Finally, I don’t know if I needed Ponds White Beauty Pearl Cream but I like the scent and feel of this on my skin (it has a powdery finish) and I feel like it might help my pale face develop a rosy glow..haha! So far it’s kept my skin smooth and clear. I use this the most among all the other products listed here (I started in January 2) and I feel it responsible for keeping my face protected from oil buildup when at home (I use this after washing my face when I get home and before I go to sleep.) This is my favorite in the list and this is really the most affordable (I think) at only 50php 🙂


There’s my daily skin care routine during January 2012 🙂 hope this one helps! BTW the photos are obviously grabbed from random sites that popped up my google search so I’m sorry for not siting sources, I’m blogging via iPad only 😦 I’ll provide better photos when I make individual reviews with pros and cons 😉

❤ Jessica

PS. Was this post helpful? Would you recommend more skin care products for me to try?

Keep it High.

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