Dashing Diva

12/19/2011 § 2 Comments

Ill tour you to Dashing Diva, paseo de Sta. Rosa and tell you why I love it there..or maybe I wont need to 😉

The pedicure wall and long couch that’s a first I’ve seen in a nail salon, usually they would opt an individual space for their clients but this ones perfect for chikahan 🙂

Manicure area which is super comfy that you’re not holding out your hand on air while struggling to get your back rested (like in other nail salons.)

Nail drying area where you rest there your hands and feet while fans blow your polish dry 🙂 If you weren’t planning to have a pedi but did and are wearing closed shoes, they would offer to wrap your just-dried-nails in plastic to avoid smudging 🙂

These are what you get for your nails 🙂 These are used from R-L:

1) Pink one with hot pink beads = softens cuticles and dead skin

2) Yellow-Orange = moisturize during pushing

3) Nail pH Balancer = to avoid cracking of nails due to the polish

4) Clear Base Coat

5) Thick top coat (also available in matte)

6) Flash dry quickly setting topcoat to avoid smudging

In event of nail damage these pretty things are available:

And then COLORS 😀

Here are some stuff to read 🙂

Their list of services taken last summer 🙂

For more info, visit Dashing Diva 🙂

Do I even need to enumerate why I love this place? 🙂 I love this place cause its so pink and bright! 😀 hahaha! SO NOTABLY PINK 🙂

❤ Jessica


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